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1960s Fashion

By the 1960s, fashion involved a great deal of experimentation – something a Ruchette never fears when it comes to styling! From Jackie Kennedy’s pillbox hats, to Audrey Hepburn’s drainpipe pants, to the British style influence of the Beatles and Twiggy, the 1960s introduced a lot of new trends that have carried over to today. With the baby boom of the previous decade, America became home to an influx of teenagers, and as with every generation of teens, they took great risks with style and adapted new trends. The modernist look took hold and it became acceptable to wear loose dresses with less figure definition. At the same time, the rebel rocker look took hold during this era, and prints like plaid and paisley became wardrobe standards. This was the decade where fashion opened up to more possibilities than ever before, and at Ruche, we couldn’t be more grateful for it!

1960s style dress
1960s Dresses

With the exception of the masculine silhouette of the 1920s, most women’s clothing up until the 1960s was designed to accentuate curves and outline the silhouette. While a defined look was still popular in the 1960s and continued to be, the concept of shift dresses, or a short loose fitting frock, came into vogue during this decade. Whether rendered in a solid fabric, a fun print, or sequins, these comfortably cute dresses were inspired by the Modernists. Basic shift dresses are still a fashionable choice today and are recognized as stemming from the mod look that characterized much of the 1960s.

A-line mini dresses were also popular during the 1960s, a lasting trend that was introduced in the late 50s by Christian Dior and took hold the following decade. Like shift dresses, the A-line dress was designed in many fabrics, colors, and patterns, and is a style still frequently seen today (a style very essential to Ruche!). Pair a shift dress, an A-line dress, or cute floral dresses with minmal accessories and kitten heels for a timeless 1960s outfit.

statement 1960s tops
1960s Tops

With the rejection of perfect suburbia, statement sleeves became popular again. Bubble sleeves in particular were a distinct characteristic of 1960s clothing and gave blouses a sweet and feminine doll-like appearance – a look the Modernists often aimed for. Pair a sequined bubble-sleeved blouse with a sleek skirt to create a vintage inspired outfit.

Thanks to the fashion icon first woman Jackie Kennedy, cropped jackets with boxy silhouettes and oversized buttons also came into trend in the 1960s. These were often paired with sleek skirts and sometimes came in matching jacket and skirt sets, which were popular earlier in the decade. Short jackets like these didn’t need a collar; a lovely tunic neckline was a common design. Pair a short tweed jacket with the bottoms of your choice for an instantly polished, vintage inspired outfit.

Sportier clothing like the anorak, or a hooded jacket, came into fashion during this decade as well. Polo shirts became a part of everyday 1960s clothing and were no longer reserved for outdoor activities. During the second half of the decade, polo sweaters were often paired with bell bottoms – a look that can be undesirably dated but works when one of those two items is paired with something current. A Ruchette can definitely pull off a polo sweater with a cute pencil skirt!

fashionable 1960s bottoms
1960s Bottoms

As with the 1950s, a great variety of skirts, pants, and shorts were acceptable during this decade. Capri pants became an extremely popular option for women, and skinny pants (or “drainpipe pants”) came into fashion after Audrey Hepburn wore them on-screen. By the end of the decade, bell bottoms were in style – a bold look that a true Ruchette can find a way to wear. For effortless fashion, pair your favorite capris or skinny pants with a patterned blouse to get a wearable 1960s style.

Skirts in the 1960s became shorter than ever before. The miniskirt was introduced during this decade and was worn anywhere from just above the knee to five inches up. As with shift dresses, these miniskirts were rendered in a variety of fabrics, everything from tweed to vinyl, and printed skirts became popular too. Culottes, or skorts, also became popular during this time, as they were a way to get the short length of the miniskirt and still keep one’s style modest. Pair a miniskirt with a loose, long-sleeve blouse to balance out the height of the skirt and maintain a simply sweet Ruchette appearance.

timeless 1960s style shoes
1960s Shoes

While fun, experimental shoes such as go-go boots and Beatle boots were short-lived trends of the era, other popular 1960s shoes play a staple role in vintage inspired fashion today. The stiletto that gained popularity in the 50s continued to thrive in the 60s, and paired well with miniskirts for that bombshell look. A more modest version, the kitten heel, came into vogue as well, giving the leg a feminine lift while still providing comfortable wear. At Ruche, we still love our kitten heels! Pair these shoes with any 1960s inspired outfit to complete the look!

fun 1960s accessories
1960s Finishing Touches

As 1960s clothing were already so bright, colorful, and patterned, accessories lost some popularity. They weren’t necessary to make an outfit complete and it was easier to do without them! Some accessories still made a mark on this era, including Jackie Kennedy’s pillbox hat. If you can get your hands on a pillbox hat, pair it with a bright suit set for a definite 1960s outfit.

Dyed faux fur was another accessory that could be worn with suit sets or paired with glamorous evening dresses. At Ruche, we love the regal look that faux fur gives to any outfit. Wear a faux fur wrap on a classy night out or pair a faux fur vest with jeans for a bohemian look.

To get a complete 1960s style, opt for long lashes and graphic winged liner, as the mod look was a fresh face with wide eyes. And if you have time for a fancy beehive up-do, or can tease your hair and flip the ends, your look will be unmistakably 1960s!

In the spirit of the 1960s, Ruchettes are willing to experiment with colors, materials and styles, and can make more extreme looks work in the everyday. We are inspired by the style icons of the decade, including Twiggy, Diana Ross, Sophia Loren, and of course, Jackie Kennedy. To try something new and create a 1960s inspired wardrobe, visit Ruche to get the vintage inspired clothing and accessories you need!