Bachelorette Party Dresses

Bachelorette parties come in all different shapes and sizes. Whether you’re having a night out on the town, staying in for a grown-up slumber party, heading all the way to Vegas, or planning something unique to fit your personal preference, the only true requirement is a memorable time with your favorite girls…and stylish party dresses! Party dresses should take their cues from the kind of evening being planned. Below is our guide to bachelorette party.

P.S. don’t forget a glam clutch to carry all your essentials– especially your phone to document the night!

Cocktail Party

Let everyone know that you are the bride to be in a little white dress. Party dresses throughout your engagement are often in shades of white and cream, but the bachelorette party lets you don a white dress a little shorter and flirtier than other engagement events! Your LWD can be cocktail party chic, the ultimate in glam sparkly, or a little body conscious party dress. As the partner in crime to your treasured LBD, a LWD is perfect for a night out. Choose accessories in bold hues or sparkly metallics like silver, copper, and gold. And all of your bridesmaids can wear black party dresses so you stand out.


If you want to go brighter than white, opt for a hot pink or red party dress, which will still stand out amongst your bridesmaids in LBDs. With clubbing as one of the most popular bachelorette parties, a brightly hued party dress is perfect for showing off your dance moves!

Wine Tasting

A weekend of vineyard hopping is a wonderful and laidback way to bond with bridesmaids. As you go from pour to pour, sipping on reds and delighting in white varietals, your party dress should be the epitome of sophistication. Look for fit and flare cuts, printed shift dresses, or a peplum dress if you want to be a little fancier!


For a tropical bachelorette party complete with beachy cocktails and poolside lounging, cute sundresses or flowy maxi dresses covering teeny bikinis are a must! Be sure to have a pair of cute sunglasses and a tote to carry all your beach essentials. Keep your hair and beauty look natural, with tousled beachy waves and a pop of color c/o of coral lipstick.

Spa Day

If you plan to relax with your bridal party in a tranquil spa setting, naturally you won’t need a party dress fit for a bar crawl. But you can still add an element of style to a day of facials, massages, and mani-pedis. While comfort is key, you can wear a simple white shift dress to the spa that will transition to a luxurious lunch in between treatments. And while you can keep your beauty look low-key, a coat of mascara and a swipe of blush will make you camera-ready for your Instagram photo op!


The bride-to-be should have a great time at her bachelorette bash, so be sure you know where the bride’s comfort zone lies. While this is a fun night that allows the bride to escape from wedding planning and let her hair down, everyone’s definitions of a crazy night are a little different! Bridesmaids should find out what kind of evening the bride would prefer, and then plan accordingly.


The bride and her bridesmaids might be the only gals on the party bus! But the guest list may also include some of the bride’s close friends who are not in the bridal party. Make sure to consult the bride before finalizing the invites.


The bridesmaids should be sure to spice up the party with items such as sashes, tiaras, silly fake engagement rings, and gag gifts for the bride. Party favors give a sense of occasion, whether you’re in the midst of a bar crawl or having your nails done at a day spa!

4. Properly Packed:

Bachelorette parties are rarely a “celebrate and go home” kind of thing. Be prepared to spend the night at a bridesmaids’ house or hotel by packing an overnight bag full of essentials: party dress, heels for the brave and flats for dancing all night long, all your toiletries, and coconut water for recovery the next day! And make sure you have plenty of outfit options. A girl needs choices right?! There’s nothing worse than digging through your bag hoping you tossed in a different pair of jeans, a cuter top, or another party dress. If it’s a whole day of festivities, bring outfits appropriate for dinner, dancing and everything in between.

5. Personalized to Perfection:

No matter what kind of bash the bride has decided on, there are countless ways to add a personalized touch. Create a customized nail color for the bride or nab some monogrammed robes for a spa day or get each gal her own wine drink charm and customized wine label for a wine tasting excursion. For a beach day, practical items like flip flops, sunscreen, and beach towels can fill a monogrammed tote. Even a night out could get a personalized touch with a glitter flask! Any kind of personalized or handmade DIY touch will bring a sense of fun, creative energy to the night and make the bride feel loved.

Photography credit: Stephanie Williams (This Modern Romance), Jose Villa, Brandon Kidd