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  • Tuesday, August 26, 2014

    Anyone who follows us on Instagram knows how much we love our dogs. They are the perfect companions at work - even if they break their water bowls, have accidents on floors and sleep all day. We can't imagine a day without our furry friends in the office.


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  • Tuesday, August 26, 2014

    Have you ever been aimlessly wandering through pages of darling artwork on Etsy, only to find something that captures your imagination? That's exactly how we felt when we discovered Honey and the Hive! We can't get enough of these bold and colorful mugs, prints, and stationary featuring classic, vintage-inspired details. Scroll down to see some of her works of art! 

    Filling her creations with equal parts words of wisdom and darling drawings, shop owner and artist Kelsey DeLange has a knack for incorporating song lyrics and quotes into her charming drawings of birds, anchors, flowers, and more. Our favorite part of this artist's creations? We adore how her personality shines through her artwork! 

    Don't forget to visit Honey and the Hive for more artistic inspiration in the form of illustrated teacups, flowers, and enlightening quotes. Be sure to follow her on Instagram for behind-the-scenes looks at projects, promotions, and giveaways!  


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  • Monday, August 25, 2014

    Our favorite thing about personal style? The fact that it's, well, personal. We love trying out new trends with each season, but no matter what's in vogue, we'll always have styles we love because they make us smile and give us an extra boost of confidence just when we need it. The search for discovering your own personal style never really ends, with each year you come in contact with styles, places, people, and things that can alter or change your perspective, and in turn, can help evolve your personal style. We always aim to encourage women to wear the things that make them feel like the best version of themselves, and we know that while trends come and go, personal style never fades. Discover your style personality by taking our quiz! Just jot down the letter of the answer that suits you best and tally them up at the very end. Don't forget to share your results with us!  

    1. Which accessory do you usually gravitate towards?
    A. a bright statement necklace.
    B.  A pretty pair of heels or sandals.
    C. A stack of beaded bracelets.
    D. A dainty layered necklace or midi ring.

    2. What's in your handbag?
    A. Wallet, bold lipstick, and my favorite colorful scarf.
    B. Just the bare minimum - I change my purse to match the outfit I am wearing that day!
    C. To be honest, a little bit of everything!
    D. I don't usually carry a purse, only a small crossbody with the essentials - I like to keep it simple.

    3. Which decade's style do you pine for?
    A. The 1960's! I love the bright mod shift dresses.
    B. The 1950's! A dainty heel and full skirt make the perfect outfit. |
    C. The 1970's! The global prints and textures were simply divine.
    D. The 1920's! I love the dropped waists and clean lines of the Jazz Age. 

    4. Your shoe of choice is...
    A. A darling flat in a bright hue.
    B. Did someone say shoes?!
    C. A patterned wedge.
    D. A classic pump in a neutral hue. 

    5. Your libation of choice?
    A. I love trying anything fruity!
    B. A martini with a stack of olives - I love little details!
    C. Something tropical like a Mai Tai or Mojito.
    D. I can never go wrong with a simple Greyhound or Gin & Tonic. 

    6. What's on your nails?
    A. A pop of pink.
    B. A pretty pastel shade that matches my pedicure.
    C. Vibrant nail art.
    D. A dark hue or nude tone. 

    Scroll down to see your results!




    Now that you've discovered your style personality, shop your style: Color Enthusiast, Shoe ObsessedExpertly Eclectic, Effortlessly Minimal.


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  • Sunday, August 24, 2014

    Happy Sunday, Ruchettes!


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  • Saturday, August 23, 2014

    Meet one of our darling Texas gals, Shalyn Nelson! We met this sweeter than sweet tea photographer when we were in Austin for the Texas Style Council event! She also happens to be the mother to the cutest creature around: #HattieTheHedgeHog. Here's some of our favorite snaps of this little prickly creature: 1. Smart Hattie, 2. Festive Hattie, 3. Cozy Hattie, 4 Silly Hattie, 5 Curious Hattie. We could have kept going with the photos. Read on to see what makes this Ruchette a happy woman!

    1. A go-to drink.
    Chick-Fil-A Sweet Tea or Diet Dr. AWESOME...I mean, Pepper.

    2. A go-to Karaoke song.
    As cliche' as it is, I'd say '''Don't Stop Believing'' by Journey. I love that freakin' song. Admit it, if you're in a room and it comes on...everyone will have their heads back, hands up and will belt it out screaming at each others faces. I love it. It's like insta-magic.

    3. A uniform.
    A smile. "You're never fully dressed without a smile." :)

    4. A hair stylist they love.
    You're talking to the girl who gets her hair trimmed once a year... Hot Hair Mess Express over here.

    5. An exercise routine.
    Volleyball, snowboarding or wakeboarding if possible. I love sports. But because I can't do that every day, I've been really into these Pilates classes lately with the machines. It hurts so good. I can't move for days and will totally look like a gremlin getting out of bed the next day, but it's a baller shot caller work out for sure.

    6. A hobby.

    7. A best friend.
    This guy right here...My husband, Drew. He has hot pants, holds my hand tight, wipes away my tears, makes me laugh, let's me dream, believes in me, prays with me, pushes me, grounds me and loves me hard for some strange reason. I still haven't figured out why, but I don't hate it that's for sure. :)

    8. A healthy sense of self.
    What we say to ourselves about ourselves either makes or breaks us. You own your own blue print, your difference matters and contributes to the world around you. You are valuable to God, your family and your friends. Don't let negative self talk convince you otherwise. You rock. The end. Own it. Believe it. Then, WALK. IT. OUT! :)

    -- Shalyn Nelson, So Shay

    A huge thanks to this pretty lady for letting us feature her - and for taking over our Instagram for the weekend! Be sure to follow along @shopruche, and make sure you're following @shalynnelson too!


  • Friday, August 22, 2014

    Photography: Brandon Kidd

    With the proliferation of denim in America over the last 150 years, it’s easy to take the fabric in all its variations for granted. In honor of this classic wardrobe staple, we’ve set our sights on creatively styling chambray and denim for the spring and summer to give this essential a new spin. But before we jump into mixing and matching our favorite denim items this season, let’s take a look at the history of the fabric we’ve all welcomed into our wardrobes.

    The history of denim begins in Europe, where the fabric was originally referred to as “serge de Nimes.” Navy sailors in Genoa, Italy wore pants of this fabric out to sea, and these trousers became known as “bleu de Genes,” meaning “the blue of Genoa.” This phrase was later shortened to “jeans” in America, whereas the “de Nimes” fabric became “denim.”

    When German immigrant Levi Strauss ended up in California, he wanted to address the problem many Gold Rush miners were experiencing -- their pants were not strong enough to handle the wear and tear of their profession. He first attempted to make pants out of heavy canvas, and while this material could withstand the miner’s working conditions, they were far from comfortable. Strauss decided to swap the canvas for “serge de Nimes” and developed the concept of using rivets to strengthen the construction of the pants. The official birthday of “blue jeans” is May 20, 1873, the day the patent on these rivets passed. From then on, blue jeans became an essential part of the working class wardrobe.

    With the popularity of Westerns in the early to mid-twentieth century, denim became a Hollywood symbol. Celebrities like Gene Autry, John Wayne, and Roy Rogers made blue jeans an iconic must-have, representing Americana at its core. But once James Dean wore denim in Rebel Without a Cause, blue jeans also began to signify a culture of youth and freedom. By the mid 1960s, boutiques in New York City began selling jeans that they’d washed for a distressed effect, and in new silhouettes, such as bell-bottoms, that were gaining steam in the anti-mainstream market.

    As the years progressed, different lengths and washes of blue jeans became standard. In 1979, the character Daisy Duke on the show The Dukes of Hazzard made cut-off denim shorts popular. Her signature style of shorts are still referred to as “Daisy Dukes” and worn today by younger crowds. Stone-washing became a popular effect in the 1980s, and wearing ripped or decorated jeans was not uncommon. And by the 90s, denim skirts, colored denim, and baggy jeans were popular among American teens and became renowned symbols of the decade. It’s impressive that in less than half a century, denim stepped out of its classic workwear position and became a versatile must-have across the board.

    Photography: Brandon Kidd

    We’re thrilled that denim has remained an important part of fashion by expanding to cover so many trends. You can now purchase jeans in a multitude of washes, cuts, and colors, and we want them all -- from retro high-waisted cuts and chic skinny fit pants to trendy boyfriend jeans and lightweight chambray shirts. With your newfound appreciation for “serge de Nimes,” how will you be styling your denim and chambray this year?


    This post originally appeared on March 17th, 2014

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  • Friday, August 22, 2014

    While we love our weekends for rest and relaxation, our to-do list builds up during the busy week. Weekends are our time to take care of things like running to the grocery store, farmer's market, or tidying up. In addition to the little things we have to check off our task list, weekends are also the perfect time for a dinner and a trip to the cinema in a darling dress, brunch with your best friends in flowy patterned blouse, or exploring a local park in a pair of rustic boots. Whatever the weekend may bring you, we have the perfect printable list to make staying organized and getting everything done just a little sweeter. Plus, who doesn't love creating their own lovely lists? 

    Download the printable here! 

    For more weekend inspiration, don't forget to visit our #WeekendWhyNots Pinterest board, and discover a new favorite outfit for each of your adventures from Saturday through Sunday! Enjoy the weekend, Ruchettes!


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  • Tuesday, August 19, 2014

    Images Via: 1, 2, 3, 4

    ... we'd certainly hope to look as gorgeous as these office spaces! There's nothing like an inspiring work environment to get your creativity flowing. Your office should always be a reflection of you, even in the most formal of settings. While you're looking to create an inspiring workspace or personalize your desk or looking to embrace professional style, don't forget to stop by our latest style feature, In Good Company, and discover workplace wardrobes for a variety of industries! 


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  • Tuesday, August 19, 2014

    Ruchettes, head over to Lauren Kelp's blog to see our Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, Mai Olivo's fashion feature and interview! View it here!


  • Monday, August 18, 2014

    Over time, we discovered that business clothing is often sectioned into two categories: business attire and business casual. While we love pieces tailored to looking your best on the job, we know that there are a myriad of industries that allow clothing that don't always fit into these two categories. We chose several industries and styled outfits that go beyond typical business attire. From positions in creative industries to executives looking to get more mileage out of their wardrobe, our latest feature is brimming with inspiration for a variety of workplaces!   

    Creative industries like graphic design allow you to showcase your style and brand through your outfits. Key pieces like patterned blazers and colorful bottoms are the perfect way to show off your aesthetic while looking polished! 

    When working in education, it's important that you not only look sophisticated, but are comfortable enough to make it through a day of classes. Cotton dresses and flats can keep up with even the busiest teachers! 

    When you're the one making the big decisions for your workplace, it's essential that your style exudes professionalism. Your day doesn't just last from 9-5, so discover styles that will take you from the office to happy hour like structured dresses and pencil skirts paired with light and flowy tops. 

    Building your own brand isn't easy, so conquer days at your office, lunch meetings, and networking events in ensembles that show the world your impeccable style. We love dresses and blouses in playful prints and colors for any self-starter!

    Stop by our feature and discover workplace style that works for you!  


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