Saturday, July 27, 2013

“The adventure starts here” declares the inside jacket of 10: What’s On Your Top Ten List? by Dan Zadra, a beautiful book with a lovely graphic layout that definitely belongs on your reading list! “10” suggests something seemingly simple: what if bridging the gap between your dreams and reality started with writing those dreams down? Through a series of fun and engaging list-making activities and questions, this book will help you identify your values, turn your dreams into actionable goals and create a plan to see them through.

We all make to-do lists and grocery lists, but this book will inspire you to make the kinds of lists we often put off writing down, the ones that express our spirits, and call us to living meaningfully, with purpose and a sense of adventure and joy! Any of the lovely Life by Number series (we also have 5: Where Will You Be Five Years From Today? in our books section) make for fantastic gifts for birthdays, graduations, a housewarming, or just as a way to share inspiration with a friend. This book is not just for uncertain college grads and lost 20-somethings; everyone has secret dreams locked within themselves, and this book opens up the possibility to ask yourself, what if? We might wonder, who am I to dream of owning a café, writing a novel, learning how to paint, or traveling the world? It’s easy to get caught up in our 9-5 schedules, family responsibilities and the daily routine of our lives and lose sight of those hopes and wild ideas, but if you only get one precious life, the time to follow your dreams is certainly right now.

We think this little gem of inspiration begins a process of self-reflection and goal-setting that will “help you become you”, which is definitely a Ruchette do in our books!

Be sure to add 10: What’s On Your Top Ten List? to your book list and take a look at the rest of our wonderful collection of good reads.


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