Thursday, January 2, 2014

Your New Year’s Resolutions might include some faithful standbys like eat healthier, make it to the gym regularly, or spend more time on a hobby you love. All noble goals! But this year, why not add some style resolutions into the mix?! Since how you dress is a form of self-expression, we think style resolutions are absolutely necessary. Make your style resolutions by taking stock of 2013 and looking forward to what you want to improve on in 2014. Did spring go by without donning a single floral? Did you stick to pastels and avoid brighter hues? Do you wish you had a more organized closet? That’s where style resolutions come in!

Below are our 14 style resolutions for 2014. Read on for inspiration, and share your style resolutions with us in the comments below:

1. I will confidently express my personality through fashion. Heels with a casual outfit on a whim? Don’t mind if I do!

2. Running errands, picking up groceries for dinner, and waiting for a flight can all be done in style! Donate all frumpy sweatpants to bypass temptation.

3. I will celebrate the shape of my body and learn how to accentuate it, not hide it.

4. I will invest in chic going out dresses for date night and cocktails with the girls.  

5. I can give the same attention to my jewelry wardrobe as I do to the wardrobe in my closet! I simply deserve more bejeweled options to complete every outfit.  

6. Before I leave the house I will always check that I have: purse, keys, wallet, sunglasses, cardigan for temperature dips, and a positive mindset!

7. I vow to choose my outfits the night before. I’ll never be late because I couldn’t decide what to wear.

8. I will channel feminine strength for power dressing moments, whether it’s an important meeting, interview, or just because. Wide leg trousers? Definitely. Sophisticated blazer? Yes, please!

9. Easy as neutrals are, I commit to wearing more color, since bold hues bring cheer!

10. I will consider time reading fashion magazines as essential style research.

11. I will heed the care instructions, separate my delicates, and dry clean as necessary!

12. I will save up and treat myself to an investment piece I’ve always wanted.

13. Creativity is not just for the craft room! I resolve to try things I didn’t think I could “pull off”, whether that means mixing prints, denim on denim, or a peplum dress.

14. I will compliment someone else’s outfit every day. What an easy way to make someone smile!

We hope our style resolutions encourage you to make your own list of style resolutions (or print out ours to keep as a reminder!) Wishing you a happy, healthy, and stylish new year!


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