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  • Friday, January 31, 2014

    The new year is a blank canvas, ready to be filled with your creativity! With the craft room calling to us, we have been itching to try out some new DIY projects and add a few more unique ideas to our crafting to-do list! With its popularity growing, we were curious to see what embroidery was all about (especially since we think it's one of the prettiest details for spring!) We were swiftly swept away by these sweet, delicate stitches and wanted to find DIY projects that would let us incorporate embroidery into some of our favorite, everyday objects.

    Adding a little flair to a blank journal is a cinch with this DIY project for embroidering a fun title onto the cover! All you need is a plain notebook, thread, an embroidery needle, and a dash of creativity. Oh, and this step-by-step DIY project guide by Mollie Makes of course!

    Transform you favorite photograph into an embroidered work of art thanks to these simple steps. (The girls of A Beautiful Mess never fail to amaze us with their DIY projects that elevate even the simplest things in our home to something inspiring and lovely!)

    We can't wait to liven up an ordinary cork board with this Pinterest-worthy DIY project inspired by Fabric Paper Glue! This easy embroidery DIY will help keep all your cards organized in the cutest of ways. 
    Have you been daydreaming about an adventure-filled road trip lately? Document your wanderlust by embroidering a route across maps of your favorite destinations with this cartographic Free People DIY project.

    We hope this DIY project roundup inspires you to create beautifully embroidered projects! If you have some favorite embroidery tips, tricks or DIY ideas, please let us know in the comments below!


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  • Friday, January 31, 2014

    We know that you have your Valentine's date night outfit completely planned from a swoon-worthy dress to the perfectly pink pout, but we just wanted add a touch more sweetness to your Valentine's Day look! Since love is in the air this month, we don't want your hair to miss out on the romance too. Whether you're planning on a chic chignon or a tousled side-braid, we've got some delightful 'dos coming your way!

    For the timeless beauty, a french twist can be styled casually or compliment the most gorgeous gown. This step-by-step tutorial will aid you in achieving the perfect french twist.

    Indulge in your softer side with this whimsically styled (and surprisingly easy!) updo. We love how each section is twisted and pulled into seamless splendor.

    Now for a braid that would make even Rapunzel a little bit jealous. We know that not everyone has as long of tresses as this lovely lady, but we DO know that this side-swept braid will suit Ruchettes with (almost) any hair length.

    Details go a long way, especially in this effortlessly constructed chignon! Double up on small braids throughout your hairstyle to add a little something extra.

    Which hairstyle will you be donning on your next date night? We might just have to try each and every one! Happy hairstyling, Ruchettes!


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  • Thursday, January 30, 2014

    February 14th may be a night of red roses and romance for some, but it can also be the most epic girl’s night you’ll ever have! Planning a Valentine’s Day with your favorite single ladies takes a little creativity though, and we suggest you leave the candlelit dinners to lovey-dovey twosomes and try one of these fun Valentine’s day ideas for friends instead.

    1. Weekend away: To class up your grown up slumber party, pack your bag for a weekend getaway. You’ll need: bikini for poolside lounging, going out dress for cocktails at the hotel lounge, and pajamas for late night movies and DIY facials. Or focus the trip on a mutual interest like a love of vintage and thrifting by staying at a quaint bed and breakfast in a town chock full of cute antique stores and flea markets. Making a trip of it will ensure a memorable Valentine’s day with friends!

    2. Karaoke your heart out: Gather a group of sassy single friends who are up for cocktails and crooning the night away and make Valentine’s Day into a karaoke night you won’t soon forget. And for the tunes? Think a mix of oldies but goodies with Katy Perry pop songs.

    3. Ryan Gosling movie marathon: Who needs a Valentine when there is eye candy in the form of Ryan Gosling? Skip The Notebook (which you already have memorized anyways) and watch The Ides of March, Blue Valentine, and Crazy, Stupid, Love.

    4. Spa day: Indulge in hours of pampering with a friend for a relaxing Valentine’s Day. Go for facials, manicures, pedicures, massages, the works! Don’t leave the spa until you’re so blissful you feel like you’re floating on air.

    5. Dinner party: Wine, good food, and gossip is the perfect recipe for a Valentine’s day with friends. Either make it a classic Valentine’s day soiree with a profusion of red and pink streamers, balloons, and décor or take the anti-Valentine’s day route with your own decorations and no sign of Cupid’s arrows anywhere.

    image sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

    These Valentine’s day ideas for friends ensure that your day will be about celebrating the awesome friendships in your life, and what could be better than that?

    If you want to get decked in hues of pink from head to toe, shop our colorful collection. Or if you’re taking the anti-Valentine’s day approach, here’s a selection of sleek black pieces that will stop Cupid dead in his tracks. 


  • Wednesday, January 29, 2014

    While flowers are a lovely part of any wedding day, they certainly can add up quickly. Between the centerpieces, ceremony florals, boutonnieres, corsages, and bride and bridesmaid bouquets, it’s easy to spend a large chunk of your wedding budget on peonies and dahlias! In order to reduce the florist’s bill and add a personalized, handcrafted touch, many brides are going the DIY wedding bouquet route and making their own. If you have time, flexibility, and a little creativity on your side, then making your own DIY wedding bouquet will be a beautiful part of your nuptials!

    (Source: Project Wedding)

    15 to 25 stems
    Floral tape
    Scissors or floral shears
    Bouquet pins

    1. If you’re going to a grocery store or farmer’s market, you can’t be sure what types of flowers they will be selling or how many they will have of each variety. Get there as early as possible for the best selection, and go with the floral flow! Flexibility is key when it comes to making a DIY wedding bouquet.

    (Source: A Clock Without Hands)

    2. When choosing your flowers, look for different varieties and colors that will complement one another and fit with your bridal look/wedding theme. Re-think filler flowers like carnations and baby’s breath as well as sprigs of greenery like eucalyptus and dusty miller that can add a big oomph of beauty on the cheap. Lastly, be sure to buy more flowers than you think you will need, in case of any trimming mistakes or wilting.

    (Sources: Ruffled Blog One and Two)

    3. After you buy your flowers, slightly trim the stems diagonally and place them in water 1-2 days before the wedding to give the flowers a chance to open into full bloom.

    4. Before you begin assembling, remove the leaves and foliage from the flowers with scissors or floral shears.

    5. Use 2-4 flowers as the base of your DIY wedding bouquet. Choose at least one or two of your largest, prettiest blooms for a full look.

    6. Build around the base of your bouquet by evenly adding flowers, fillers, and greens in bunches of 2-3 and then rotating the arrangement before adding again. Be sure to hold the bouquet away from yourself to assess your progress and the shape the bouquet is taking, and hold it up in the mirror to see if you like the size or want it to be bigger or smaller.

    (Source: Floret Cadet and Style Me Pretty)

    7. Now that your DIY wedding bouquet looks just the way you want it, trim all of the stems to the same length, about 8-12” depending on preference.

    8. When you’re finished, wrap the stems with floral tape with about 1 inch of exposed stem at the top and 5 inches at the bottom until it feels secure. You can also add two rubber bands at the top and bottom before the floral tape, if you want to take an added measure!

    (Source: Style Me Pretty)

    9. Finish your DIY wedding bouquet by wrapping with white ribbon, vintage fabric, or twine from the bottom towards the top until the green floral tape is entirely covered and insert a floral pin through the ribbon and into the stems to secure into place.

    (Sources: Ruffled Blog and Style Me Pretty)

    10. Place the bouquet in a vase with enough water to cover the stems but not the ribbon and then store somewhere cool or in the fridge.

    Lastly, a word to the wise — don’t DIY on your own! Ask friends or bridesmaids to help you with your foray into florals. You can even throw a little bouquet party after the rehearsal dinner so your bridesmaids can make theirs too. We hope this helps you create a gorgeous DIY wedding bouquet, and save some money for the honeymoon!


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  • Wednesday, January 29, 2014

    If you started planning your wedding around the time you were six, you probably envisioned that everything would be pink! Now that you’re all grown up, your wedding colors may have expanded beyond the cotton-candy hue you favored in childhood, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still bring the sweetest of romantic colors into your nuptials! Any self-confessed girly girl or hopeless romantic has her eyes on a pink wedding bouquet, but a pink wedding bouquet can be arranged for any wedding style and bridal look.

    Let’s start with the flowers. Some of the primary flowers to have in a pink wedding bouquet include: dahlias, garden roses, ranunculus, and peonies. While those flowers take center stage in a pink wedding bouquet, some secondary plants and greenery to consider include: carnations, succulents, lamb’s ear, olive branches, dusty miller, delphinium, heather, hydrangea, lavender, lily of the valley, Queen Anne’s lace, and stock. Here are 5 ideas for pink wedding bouquets that show just how versatile this pretty floral hue can be!

    1. Dahlia delight: This pink wedding bouquet highlights one big pink dahlia, and then complements it with creams and red ranunculus for a modern and fresh aesthetic, perfect for an elegant affair or art gallery wedding! Take this idea by starting with a primary pink flower and creating color contrasts with a few different hues.

    2. Rustic pinks: The wild, gathered look of this pink wedding bouquet with pops of greenery and varied shades of pinks, oranges, and peach along with berries is perfect for a rustic ranch wedding. Use this idea for your own bouquet by pairing sweet pink florals with greenery big on rustic charm!

    3. Peony perfection: A bouquet bursting with pink peonies is 100% guaranteed to make us swoon. This is a modern classic, but peonies are only briefly in season, so if you get married outside their blooming time, swap for garden roses!

    4. Vintage elegance: The sweet prettiness of this pink wedding bouquet comes from the soft pastel palette of the florals, with blooming pink roses and cream hydrangeas creating a sense of profusion. A bouquet like this looks darling or a garden wedding or vintage-inspired day.

    5. Muted pinks: Since we’re crazy for peonies, we had to pick one more pink wedding bouquet that put this gorgeous bloom on display! With muted pinks and peachy hues paired with gentle creams, this delicate, whimsical bouquet is perfect for a glam outdoor soiree.

    With a profusion of blooming inspiration, we hope you start pinning your way to the perfect pink wedding bouquet! Don't just save pink strictly for wedding decor, add a pop of pink to your everyday ensemble by shopping our Shades of Pink collection!

    Happy wedding planning!


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  • Tuesday, January 28, 2014

    Think pink for your next craft room spree! We’ve rounded up a bevy of pretty Valentine’s Day DIYs just in time to be hit by Cupid’s arrow. These pink DIY projects are perfect inspiration to get prepped for the most romantic day of the year, or wonderful crafting fun to start on the day of. Whether you want to spruce up your home or create a unique and heartfelt gift, here are a few Valentine’s Day DIYs to get you started. Enjoy!

    For the ombre-lover, pink represents shades of DIY possibility. Yarn letters make an adorable pink DIY project for a fun soiree or engagement party, while an ombre lamp shade brings the sweetest of hues into your interior. We love the idea of dipping into some dye for a Valentine’s Day craft that’s focused on giving, while we’re enamored with this DIY cork board project that would add an instant pop of pretty color to any workspace.

    Here are the links for the tutorials: Yarn Letters, Paper Lamp Shade, Dyed Gift Bags, Cork Board

    For those who fancy florals, a Valentine’s Day DIY should of course focus on either the vase or the pretty petals that go into it!

    Here are the links for the tutorials: Pained Vase, Paper Wreath, Paper Flowers

    For the color-blocking fiend, pink can instantly elevate a humdrum room. Whether you choose a Valentine’s Day DIY that adds just a pink accent, like to a pot or a rope basket, or go all out color happy with a dresser renovation, color-blocking is a great way to incorporate this romantic color into your home décor.

    Click here for the tutorials: Painted Pots, Painted Dresser, Rope Basket
    So gather up your supplies for a pink DIY project, pick out something pink for date night, and then you'll be all set for Valentine's Day!


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  • Monday, January 27, 2014

    Getting nervous as the calendar inches closer to February 14th? Whether you and your love are celebrating your first Valentine’s Day together or your tenth, you may be uninterested in fighting for a reservation at a fancy restaurant yet unsure of what else to do for a creative date night. To celebrate in your own way that doesn’t involve a prix fixe menu and an overpriced wine list, here are 5 Cupid-approved Valentine’s Day ideas:

    1. Bookstore date: Are you both bibliophiles? Then a bookstore date is in order! Here’s how: Print out cards with tasks such as… find a picture of a place you would like to visit someday in the travel section, find a quiz in a magazine you can do together, find a recipe you want to make together, find a book you loved as a child and read them together, etc. (You can find a few more ideas here!) Sharing each book is a way to get to know one another in both silly and sweet ways.P.S. If you pass each other while completing your literary tasks, snatch a quick kiss between the shelves!

    2. Try something new: Psychologists have found that adventures big and small keep the spark of love alive. So a great Valentine’s Day idea is to plan on doing something new together, whether that’s a cooking class, attending an improv show, shaking your hips at a salsa dancing lesson, or heading off to a hiking trail you’ve both never been to.

    3. Date night in: Avoid the Valentine’s Day crowds by staying in! You can cook a homemade meal together, or order from your favorite takeout place. Candlelight really does set the stage for romance, so be sure to let a few and then splurge on a fancy bottle of champagne (it would have cost three times as much in a restaurant right!?) And your cozy and intimate evening should end with some decadent dessert and…we’ll let you fill in the blank!

    4. Pretend you’re tourists: Where do tourists visit when they’re in town? It’s easy to forget about the interesting museums, landmarks, and historical sights in your own city. Make an itinerary as though you’re visiting, hold hands on a walking tour while you learn about the downtown architecture, and even stay at a boutique hotel that’s only a few miles from home!

    5. Go to bed early: you can get to see the sunrise the next day. Drive to a pretty vista point near your home, wrap up in blankets, split some hot chocolate out of a thermos, and take in the beauty of the day as it dawns. You’ll be glad you cut the night a little short (even if you’re night owls!) for such an epic morning together.

    image sources:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5

    Regardless of the Valentine’s Day idea you pick, remember that it’s not so much about greeting cards, boxes of chocolates, or red roses, as it is a chance to show the person you love how much you adore and appreciate them. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Shop our collection of date night outfits that have you covered for whatever Valentine’s Day idea you choose.


  • Monday, January 27, 2014

    (Source: one, two, three and four)

    ...we would look like this! ♥ There's nothing we love more than a relaxing night filled with decadent lattes and steaming cups of tea. Cozy up to your beau and let the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans set the mood for a romantic date at one of your favorite local coffee shops!

    Live beautifully,

  • Sunday, January 26, 2014

    The 56th Annual Grammy Awards brought the biggest names in the music industry to Los Angeles Staple Center today. The red carpet was filled with beautiful styles that we absolutely love! From sparkling adornments to classic cuts, our expectations were far from cut-short. These leading ladies sure know how to flaunt their style personality.

    When it comes to the perfect romantic frock, these girls had it down pat. Best country song and best country album winner, Kasey Musgraves walked the red carpet adorned in a blush, swoon worthy ruffled dress. Anna Kendrick, who co-announced the best new artist award, showed off her feminine silhouette with soft lavendar and jewel details.Taylor Swift rocked the red carpet once again in a body-hugging gold and silver sparkle dress. Her performance, along with her dress are definitely unforgettable.

    Kasey Musgraves, Anna Kendrick, Taylor Swift

    Black is always the perfect go-to classic color. Whether worn alone or with color details, you can't go wrong. Best dance recording co-winner, Louisa Rose Allen of Foxes, perfected the black and white patterned dress with off the shoulder sleeves. Zendaya added a color-punch of sky blue to her glam button-up outfit. Kelly Osbourne exuded a sophisticated sensibility in a classic black dress, with fun details of bejeweled shoulders. Ariana Grande wore a gorgeous vintage-inspired tea length dress with black and floral details that are to die for.

    Louisa Rose Allen, Zendaya Coleman, Kelly Osbourne, Ariana Grande

    Nothing makes a statement like a bold, solid colored dress! Tamar Braxton showed off her curves in a lust-worthy red gown. Giuliana Rancic stood out in her vibrant tangerine dress with lace and mesh details. Alicia Keys, Best R&B album winner, showed off her great figure in a cobalt blue, deep neckline gown that ensured all eyes were on her.

    Tamar Braxton, Giuliana Rancic, Alicia Keys

    So many dresses, so many awards! What was your favorite style this Grammy season?


  • Sunday, January 26, 2014

    With the wind in our sails and a clear view of the horizon, there's no saying what adventures lie ahead of us. With our newest feature, The New Nautical, on our mind, we couldn't help falling in love with this whimsical piece of art by Rosie Harbottle. As daydreamers and exploration seekers, we're ready to answer the call to sail away (for a year and a day!)


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