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  • Friday, July 31, 2015


    Follow Mai as she shares her weekly routine as an entrepreneur and a mother. #MaiLife Then, shop her handpicked favorites here!


    Monday: "There's nothing like strong coffee to get me energized for the day ahead! Mondays are usually the busiest day of the week since it's when we launch all of our editorials before heading off into departmental meetings to plan out the rest of the week." 

    03_tuesday_1 03_tuesday_2

    Tuesday: If I'm not out shopping with the buying team, I'm at my desk planning out future editorials and shoots - from moodboard creation, all the way through the launch. My Google Calendar is my best friend.


    Thursday: Photoshoots happen once or twice a week and I'm always there to work with the team. I don't think I've missed a shoot since after Amelie was born!

    05_thursday_1 05_thursday_2 06_friday_1 06_friday_2

    Friday: Creative meetings and inspiration days are set for Fridays. For some reason, as the week comes to an end, the creative juices seem to flow a bit better.

    07_saturday_1 07_saturday_2

    Saturday: The weekends are all about Amelie. As a full time entrepreneur with 12 hour workdays, I'm so blessed to have my mom watch her during the weekdays. 

    07_saturday_extra 08_sunday_1 08_sunday_2

    Sunday: On any give Sunday, our family is probably at Disneyland. It's pretty much become our second home. I'm surprised I still enjoy all the kiddie shows and rides as much as Amelie does!
    09_thankyou_1 09_thankyou_2

    Thanks for reading a bit about my life as an entrepreneur and a mother. For more updates on life and work, feel free to follow me on Instagram: @maiolivo!




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