Wednesday, February 12, 2014

With outfits from our Get Rustic feature nestled in our closets and rustic weekend activities on our to-do lists, we’re looking for new ways to bring rustic charm into our homes. Here are three of our favorite tips for adding a cozy, rustic touch to bedroom decor!

1. Introduce natural elements: Bring the outdoors inside with unfinished wood paneling or simple glass bottles filled with feathers and local wildflowers for a Walden-approved environment.

2. Create a warm palette: For a down-home feel, add various earth tones, like mossy greens and rusty browns to your space. Next, accent the solid shades with southwestern-inspired prints and pretty floral quilts for a finished look.

3. Add texture and dimension: Liven up your room with country-inspired wainscoting or a wrought iron bed to give the framework of your space a distinctly rustic air.

All bedroom images from Country Living Magazine: 1, 2, 3.

To warm your home with rustic flair, shop our home decor and add some new rustic pieces to your wardrobe as well! How have you made your house a rustic home?


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