Friday, February 28, 2014

We believe that living beautifully requires some quality rest and relaxation -- stolen moments spent alone in order to reflect, look forward, and make peace with oneself. Take time this week to regroup by journaling in your room, at a cafe, or out in natural surroundings depending on your resources and where you find the most rejuvenation. To guide you in your solo time, here are three writing prompts you can respond to or use as inspiration:

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1. Love Yourself: List ten qualities you love about yourself and your body. Make sure there's a combination of physical and non-physical traits on that list so that you feel appreciated inside and out!

2. Focus on Others: Write down one way you will help someone or support a friend this week. Feel passionate about a specific cause or organization? Pinpoint a way you can get more involved! Jot down the actions you need to take and fill in your calendar with necessary to-dos after you finish your writing session.

3. Dream: Write a poem or short story using the prompt "If I could go anywhere" to spark ideas! Begin by freewrite for a few minutes (no over-thinking, crossing-out, or erasing!) and then read through what you’ve read. You’ll be surprised how creative you can be under those conditions, and maybe your thoughts will lead to a bigger story or work of art!

We hope you’ll embrace this much-deserved quality time and emerge on the other end of it feeling in-tune with yourself and motivated to live beautifully all week long. And remember, there are no wrong ways to journal, so let your pen lead the way!

Live Beautifully,

  • Thanks for the writing prompts. Dream is perfect for a short story. I'm working on creating a art/creative writing journal. I hope you post more in the future.

    Posted on March 1, 2014