Monday, January 27, 2014

Getting nervous as the calendar inches closer to February 14th? Whether you and your love are celebrating your first Valentine’s Day together or your tenth, you may be uninterested in fighting for a reservation at a fancy restaurant yet unsure of what else to do for a creative date night. To celebrate in your own way that doesn’t involve a prix fixe menu and an overpriced wine list, here are 5 Cupid-approved Valentine’s Day ideas:

1. Bookstore date: Are you both bibliophiles? Then a bookstore date is in order! Here’s how: Print out cards with tasks such as… find a picture of a place you would like to visit someday in the travel section, find a quiz in a magazine you can do together, find a recipe you want to make together, find a book you loved as a child and read them together, etc. (You can find a few more ideas here!) Sharing each book is a way to get to know one another in both silly and sweet ways.P.S. If you pass each other while completing your literary tasks, snatch a quick kiss between the shelves!

2. Try something new: Psychologists have found that adventures big and small keep the spark of love alive. So a great Valentine’s Day idea is to plan on doing something new together, whether that’s a cooking class, attending an improv show, shaking your hips at a salsa dancing lesson, or heading off to a hiking trail you’ve both never been to.

3. Date night in: Avoid the Valentine’s Day crowds by staying in! You can cook a homemade meal together, or order from your favorite takeout place. Candlelight really does set the stage for romance, so be sure to let a few and then splurge on a fancy bottle of champagne (it would have cost three times as much in a restaurant right!?) And your cozy and intimate evening should end with some decadent dessert and…we’ll let you fill in the blank!

4. Pretend you’re tourists: Where do tourists visit when they’re in town? It’s easy to forget about the interesting museums, landmarks, and historical sights in your own city. Make an itinerary as though you’re visiting, hold hands on a walking tour while you learn about the downtown architecture, and even stay at a boutique hotel that’s only a few miles from home!

5. Go to bed early: you can get to see the sunrise the next day. Drive to a pretty vista point near your home, wrap up in blankets, split some hot chocolate out of a thermos, and take in the beauty of the day as it dawns. You’ll be glad you cut the night a little short (even if you’re night owls!) for such an epic morning together.

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Regardless of the Valentine’s Day idea you pick, remember that it’s not so much about greeting cards, boxes of chocolates, or red roses, as it is a chance to show the person you love how much you adore and appreciate them. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  • What's the link for the bookstore date? It's broken and I love the idea!

    Posted on January 29, 2014