Thursday, December 26, 2013

We cannot wait to watch the ball drop – from a t.v. that is! Times Square looks too packed and too freezing for us, but if you’re braving the cold to see it in person, we’re mightily impressed! A New Year’s Eve party is the bash of the year, full of glamour, sparkle, nostalgia for the past year and excitement for the year to come. If you’re pulling together a New Year’s Eve party at the last minute, just looking for the last touches for your annual New Year’s Eve party, or want to make even a movie marathon night at home feel festive, then these 5 New Year’s Eve party ideas are for you!  

Image via: The Glitter Guide's White Like A Unicorn Party

1. Resolve: Whether you want to make 3 resolutions or 30, be sure to write them down now before your New Year’s Eve party, because making a list is the first step in holding yourself accountable. Every year we make and break resolutions, but not this year! Because this year we are making SMART goals.

2. Glitter and glitz: No matter where you’re going, ringing in the New Year calls for the bright and sparkly, the glitter and glitz! Whether you go all out in a sequin party dress or incorporate glitz into your ensemble via a statement necklace, a pretty purse, or dazzling shoes, we think it’s absolutely mandatory for the countdown.

3. Pop, fizz, and clink: There’s no need to stock a full bar for your New Year’s Eve party. The only spirit necessary at your bash is some bubbly! You can set out bottles of champagne and flutes on a table with glitter confetti to add a chic touch to your décor.

4. Sweet nibbles: There’s an awful long time to wait between dinner and midnight! Leave out little dishes filled with grapes, chocolate truffles, and other sweet snacks so everyone makes it to the NYE finish line! Or if you’re going out, be sure to slip a snack into your purse before you go.

5. Join the merriment: Whether it’s just you and your special someone celebrating at home or you’ve invited over 50 of your nearest and dearest for a New Year’s Eve party, be sure to embrace the celebratory mood with festive décor. We simply can’t imagine the last night of the year without gold and silver balloons, silly hats, and noisemakers!

We hope you have a smashing New Year’s Eve party and find someone to kiss at midnight (even if that someone is your furry best friend!).