Saturday, July 26, 2014

Meet the darling Lauren Kelp! This gorgeous gal is one talented lady; she's a blogger, interior decorator, offers design services, and a photo shoot stylist. The best part? Her aesthetic and eye for design is incredible! Lucky for us, she's taking over our Instagram this weekend, and we can't wait to see how she lives beautifully! Be sure to follow her #livebeautifully Instagram takeover on @shopruche and don't forget to follow her day to day adventures on @laurenkelp as well! We asked Lauren about the 8 things every happy woman should have, and here is what she said! 

1. A go-to drink.
Paloma! Tequila, fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, sparkling water, and a dash of lime juice - it is absolute heaven.

2. A go-to Karaoke song.
Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams."

3. A uniform.
Skinny jeans, my Frye boots, a tucked in white button down, and a fun belt. It's classic & not to cumbersumb when on set styling.

4. A hair stylist they love.
Anyone who manages to tame my tangled locks. Thankfully, messy beach hair is in style.

5. An exercise routine.
Hiking! If I am stuck on a project, or need some inspiration, I just throw on my boots and get on a mountain.

6. A hobby.
Oh, man! Some of my favorite summer hobbies are camping, watching bad cop shows, and perfecting the art of the summer dinner party.

7. A best friend.
I have some of the most amazing friends a gal could ask for, but I couldn't function without my sister (sweetest person), my husband (funniest person), and my creative community here in Phoenix.

8. A healthy sense of self.
Remembering to not take myself to seriously, love others more, and be a good listener.

-- Lauren Kelp

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