Tuesday, January 21, 2014

We adore lists, both the ones that keep us organized and the ones that help us to get to know ourselves better. So when we stumbled across this article on Thought Catalog (8 Things Every Happy Woman Should Have), we were inspired to fill out the list ourselves!

All the ladies around the office are taking the time to state their eight today, which has sparked a ton of stories and fun facts about us. Read on to see what makes our Marketing Coordinator, Sam, happy! Then take the time with your girlfriends to fill out your own "eight list". ♥

1. A go-to drink.
I am not and never have been a cocktails kind of gal, so hand me a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale any day, a German Dunkel on a cold day, and a Deschutes Chain Breaker White IPA on a hot day and I'm happy. 

Enjoying delicious European beer with my (now) fiance at the Back Abbey in Claremont and flights with my friends at the local Fullerton brewery, The Bruery.

2. A go-to Karaoke song.
Anything country. Confession: I've been blasting Florida Georgia Line’s “Round Here” in my car way too often.

3. A uniform.
Suede ankle booties, dark skinny jeans, a simple cotton top, a soft cardigan and simple stud earrings.

4. A hair stylist they love.
Rita at Olivia Taylor Salon. She can figure out what I want and tailor it to fit my style and my face shape. I always get compliments after I’ve been to her!

5. An exercise routine.
I run with my best friend after work during the week and with my fiancé on the weekend. I may hate it, but I love the extra boost of energy and accomplished feeling I get when I’m done.

Wearing extremely bright and obnoxious colors makes running feel a bit more fun and less "chore" like.

6. A hobby.
Horses have been my number one passion since 4th grade. I can’t imagine a time in my life where I’m not riding!

My roommate's horse is one of my favorite creatures. His name is Magic, and if you let him - he'll lick you like a dog.

7. A best friend.
I'm lucky to say I have two. One since 5th grade and the other from college. I'm thankful to have such long-lasting friendships.

8. A healthy sense of self.
Most definitely. I'm happy with myself (inside and out).

 --Sam, Marketing Coordinator

Go ahead and fill out the list yourself, and share your answers with us in the comments below!


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