Thursday, August 22, 2013

We are so happy to share some exciting news with you! Hayley Solano, our previous Ruchette Of The Month, has just released her new single, "Please Don't Let Go", which is available now on iTunes! Keep reading to discover the writing process behind her song and just how she felt as the words flowed from her heart to her guitar.

I wrote "Please Don't Let Go" when I was playing guitar in my room. I wasn't planning on writing a song until I came up with a chord progression I loved. I started humming over it and the first line, "life is moving fast, how to pick a path," came to me. When I wrote that line, I knew exactly what the song was going to be about. I wanted to describe how it feels to have dreams you're a little bit afraid of coming true. Having big dreams can sometimes be bittersweet because there is a chance you'll have to leave wonderful memories behind if you want to make them a reality. This song is about cherishing what you have in this moment after realizing that everything you have today will at some point become a memory.

--Hayley Solano

Thank you, Hayley, for being such an inspiration! Follow Hayley on her Facebook here, and be sure to download Hayley's new single "Please Don't Let Go" on iTunes!


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