Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Something borrowed, something new, something old and something... custom made! When we found these custom designs from Laura of Paper Mothball Vintage, we couldn't help but fall beside ourselves in excitement. Her designs are so unique and vintage and beautiful that there really is no other design quite like it out there. After finding inspiration from her husband, Laura has found her perfect nitch in the world of artistic, vintage custom made wedding dresses. Hear more about how she plans each design, the imagination that comes to life and her passion behind it all.

I am a vintage fashion designer living in Brooklyn, NY. I began sewing as a hobby, and am mostly self taught, using vintage sewing patterns from the 1940s. I designed and draped my wedding dress. It took me about 2 weeks to make. The overall design was inspired by the 1930s which is my favorite time period, because I think it was the most glamorous.

The waist is hand quilted and beaded from a vintage 1920s dress that was completely falling apart. I was really glad to save some of that, and give it a new life. The back buttons up with vintage 1950s set crystal buttons.

I made a bow tie out of the remnant fabric from my dress for my husband. He complimented the bow tie with vintage cream suspenders.

My husband is from Japan, and witnessing his journey to follow his dream inspired me to follow mine. Designing for me is an escape into my own world where I am free to express myself. I love being there, although it always has its stressful moments. I like working through the problems that always arise with a garment, its more rewarding.

-- Laura of Paper Mothball Vintage

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