Wednesday, October 30, 2013

We love fashion, so we are easily captivated by a beautiful print or intricate piece of jewelery the same way one can be captivated by a stunning painting or statue carved from marble. Imagine our excitement when Enid Rebeca turned some of our favorite fall pieces into beautiful drawings!

We love how Enid transformed pieces from our vintage inspired fall lookbook, One Fine Day, and one of the looks from our layering feature, Keep Cozy, into these darling illustrations! She captured the warm fall hues and outfits perfectly while integrating her own unique and charming style.

To see more of Enid's work, visit her Facebook! If you're well versed in Spanish, you also want to check out her blog, "La Caja Oxidada" or "The Rusty Box", where she features her darling works of art, fashion, and more!


Do you love art and fashion and want your pieces to be featured on our blog? Email your artwork featuring Ruche to!