Friday, February 28, 2014

Before we move on to all things March, let’s take a look back at this past month! Here are some of our favorite blog posts, releases, events, and overall highlights from February:

1. February was an amazing month for music! Prep for your upcoming music festival by taking a look at our music festival style feature. For a hand-picked selection of catchy tunes, take a listen to our latest playlists, Sweet Sounds and The Great Outdoors!

2. We’ve been preparing to spring clean with some inspiring DIYs this month! It’s time for us to add inspiration to our workspace, organize our kitchen, and bring some beautiful blossoms home to liven up the living room. We weren’t sure how well our plants might fare, but this guide to house plants from Design Love Fest helped us feel more confident in our green thumb!

3. Our hostessing skills have improved this month since we’ve learned how to stock a bar cart for party-ready perfection. This post from A Beautiful Mess on the best white wines under $20 also helped us prepare for future soirees; no more time-consuming pondering in the wine section of the grocery store!

4.  One our favorite things about February was without a doubt the big announcement that we’ll be launching a new bridal collection on our site! While you keep an eye out for the collection, take a look at our Engagement Styling Guide for tips on what to wear for each step of the way to your wedding day.

5. You can’t get through February without focusing on love! We enjoyed revisiting some of our favorite literary love quotes and spending time contemplating what “love” means to us with this video.

6. We had a blast tuning in to the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics on television this month. We were sad that ice dancing had to come to an end, but we’re proud of the US for bringing home 28 medals!

7. Valentine’s Day or not, this heartwarming (and hand-warming!) DIY will always be a favorite of ours. We’ll continue making these for friends as the year goes on!

8. Our wallpapers are now smartphone-compatible! We’ve loved gazing at our floral phone background this month.

9. We’ll always be advocated for snail mail! We celebrated the tradition of the handwritten letter this month with our post on how to master the art of letter writing.

10. It can be difficult to navigate proper etiquette in modern times, but thankfully the etiquette master, Emily Post, came to our rescue this month with solutions to our conundrums.

February was such a wonderful month! What did you find yourself loving these past 28 days?


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