Wednesday, July 17, 2013

We can feel the romance in the air and the touch of vintage flair at this gorgeous, intimate wedding! After a four year relationship, filled with plane tickets and long distance phone calls, Valerie and her husband finally tied the knot! Wearing a perfect lace dress and our headband fascinator, this beautiful bride shares with us her less-is-more philosophy.

Every detail that made our wedding wonderful was a combination of serendipitous events along with the labor of love of so many people. With the idea that 'less is more," we planned a wedding wanting for simplicity and love to shine through without compromising elegance. I chose to keep my bridal look as natural as possible and chose a dramatic headpiece that would finish my look and tie with the rest of the decor. We didn't really have a theme except that we were drawn to the simplicity of the rustic feel and gave it a classic vintage twist by adding some key elements.

We chose to have an outdoor ceremony in a public park. It was a risky choice at first but turned out to be the perfect one. Tall trees, sunshine, nice cool breeze, birds singing, a musical string trio (guitar, violin and cello) playing our favorite songs as we said our vows in the presence of our family and closest dear friends made our day unforgettable. 

My husband and I were in a long distance relationship for almost 3 years before we finally tied the knot. Because of our jobs we spent most of our relationship traveling and meeting in different cities, which was mostly fun but hard at times. Four years from the day we met (day for day) we ecstatically got hitched and chose to stay together forever, still traveling, but this time with each other.  


Take note from this blushing bride and remember, simplicity can be the key to the most elegant wedding! For more whimsical wedding ideas, have a peek at our new  bridal Pinterest!


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