Wednesday, July 18, 2012
We absolutely adore the romantic and rustic feel of this beautiful South Carolina wedding. From its vintage furniture to its handmade centerpieces, the thoughtful and charming details are truly one of a kind--making it a real Ruche wedding.
From the bride:
"The goal of our wedding was to let go of all expectations and create a day that perfectly described us, combining our personality and style into one as we were becoming one. Scofield loved the idea of a rustic, woodsy theme and I loved the idea of a colorful, vintage theme, so we decided to combine the two! We both love being outdoors and dreamed of being married in a field. We didn’t think such a venue existed until we discovered a new venue in our hometown. Not only did we find the perfect field, but we were able to design our wedding with a clean slate."
 "I scoured wedding blogs and pinterest, finding ideas and inspiration. I narrowed down all of my favorite ideas and created a storyboard for our day, giving us clear direction in our planning. Immediately I began searching out all of the local thrift stores and antique shops, collecting picture frames, teacups, vintage glasses, suitcases, chandeliers, birdcages, and even furniture. From there we took on a major task of multiple DIY projects. I made dessert stands out of vintage china, designed the table centerpieces, decorated mason jars, made paper flowers out of cupcake liners, and made boutonnieres out of vintage keys for all of the groomsmen. About halfway through the planning process we realized we couldn’t do everything by ourselves, so we outsourced a wedding planner. She took all of the stress and pressure away from us and allowed us to relax and enjoy the process. It was the best decision we could have made and worth every penny."
"Even more so, we were amazed at the willingness of our friends and family to help. Scofield’s dad built the doorway for our outdoor ceremony; he cut logs to make wooden planks for our centerpieces, and he put together all of our wooden signs. My dad picked up pews I found on craigslist and helped me land the perfect couch for our lounge area. We had friends play music in our ceremony, bake desserts, make signs, design centerpieces, and let us borrow their things."
"Overall, our favorite moment was having our parents officiate the ceremony. Scofield’s mom and my dad are both ministers and role models in our life, and we couldn’t have been more thrilled and touched to have them take us into the next phase of our life. We will never forget my dad’s words when he pronounced us and told Scofield, “you may now kiss my daughter.” "
The beautiful photography is from Tahani Candelaria-Holm of Joyeuse Photography.
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  • Amazing rustic wedding. Thay had a fantastic wedding, also we can see that thay are so happy together.

    Posted on August 22, 2012