Wednesday, July 10, 2013

We love weddings that are personal, intimate, and a beautiful mix of modern and vintage-inspiration…so when you add a view of the Manhattan skyline, we positively swoon! This gorgeous bride fell instantly in love with our Isla dress, and she looked so lovely in it on her big day. Now, we all know wedding planning can be stressful, but now imagine planning a wedding in just *three months* like this couple did! When you have 90 days to plan a wedding and you want to keep your wedding budget reasonable, it’s time to go DIY and call on your creative friends. Read on for their sweet wedding story!

Leo and I got engaged in April, so we had only 90 days to plan our wedding. We knew we wanted something small and "easy" (we learned there is no such thing as easy when planning a wedding), but at least we were able to keep it intimate. We decided we wanted to do everything ourselves to save in cost and also to personalize it as much as we could. The first thing I did was to check the Ruche website for dresses. From the moment I saw it, I knew Isla was my dress. I sent the link to my mom and closest friends and the response was "It's SO you" so I didn't hesitate and just bought it. When the dress arrived I tried it on and couldn't believe that it fitted me perfectly. Other than fixing the hem (I'm only 5'2") I didn't need to tailor anything, even the seamstress couldn't believe that an online purchase would be so perfect.

We then decided that we wanted to do it at home. We live in Brooklyn at a high rise building and we are lucky to count a spectacular view of Manhattan from the building's rooftop, so once we secured the space we started to narrow down the details. I kept looking at the Ruche website and Pinterest for ideas (the rooftop is very modern so I wanted to infuse a little bit of a vintage feel). We picked the colors mint-aqua to complement the existing colors in the rooftop, and yellow because it is Leo's favorite color, and then we reached out to all our talented friends for help. I'm an actor and I also work in the catering business, so I have many creative friends.

I designed the entire menu and the food was cooked by Restaurant Associates since I work for them. I bought all the dishes for the food (mason jars, turquoise bowls, disposable mini plates) at local stores, Amazon and Target. One of my friends did all the flowers, another one did my hair and makeup, another handled the setup and decor, my mom baked the cake, the cake pops, and designed the color coordinated dessert table, a friend donated the photo booth, another took photos and even one more friend officiated the ceremony.

Photography by Ivette Mederos and Edwin Pagan

It was an unforgettable day and all our closest friends and family felt they were part of it. I received and keep receiving compliments about how gorgeous the dress was and I'm just so happy that I didn't doubt in selecting the perfect dress for the perfect day. Thank you!!



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