Monday, March 25, 2013

Guest Post by Ashley Beyer, of Tinge Floral


There are a number of beautiful flower combinations for corsages. Some flowers will hold up longer than others and it's important to remember that when choosing flowers for a corsage. Peach has become a pretty neutral in the wold of flowers and the Juliette Garden Rose would be a perfect compliment to a number of different dress options. The garden rose is romantic and almost renaissance looking while still looking youthful. Peach pairs well with darker shades of coral, navy, cream, mustard and even emerald.


Another alternative to the wrist corsage would be a pretty hair comb. Adding a few blooms to hair comb you can find at any grocery store is simple and can really add something special to your over all look. Roses will generally keep and stay looking pretty for a few hours so you can dance the night away. Ranunculus if wired and taped properly are also a pretty option. Taking a few larger blooms and adding a few filler flowers to add texture and color will really help your hair comb stand out amongst the crowd. 

 See the hair comb tutorial on The Alison Show.


Adore Ashley's work? Here's more about her!

I started my business after years of working with other florists on weddings and big events. In high school I worked at a flower shop and always loved the environment but never considered it as a career path. Only recently after working on big events did I realize that this was something I really felt passionate about. 
Tinge came after a long couple of months trying to decide the best name to represent me and my brand. I love color and new that color was something I wanted to set me apart from other florists in the area. I kept researching and thinking and after many no's I finally came to Tinge. 
I typically do weddings, but love an occasional inspiration shoot or event. These opportunities allow me to be creative and not worry about what a client wants. In these instances I can create something all on my own that really represents me and what I'm trying to convey as a florist.


Fun fact: Ashley recently decorated our booth at The Vintage Whites Market in Salt Lake City! Here is a photo of the floral arrangement she created for us:


More photos of the event and decor are coming soon!



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  • So beautiful! I'm in love with these arrangements!

    Posted on March 30, 2013

  • flower combinations can make the decoration wonderful. and full of love. flower is one of the symbol of love.

    Posted on April 8, 2013