Sunday, August 3, 2014

When we first saw artist Alice Mourou's project, Blossom Type, we were enthralled! Not only is the detail and dexterity that went into crafting gorgeous calligraphy lettering out of foliage is beyond extraordinary, but the finished product is a sight to see! We love the letters fashioned from green stems and vines and the hints of color that come from pink and yellow buds. This floral alphabet (and collection of numbers!) is simply stunning. We would love to create a Blossom Type of our own one day! 


What do you think of Alice Mourou's project? Creating a word or phrase out of flowers is something that is definitely on our wishlist. Creating art from flowers is something we have loved for quite awhile. We artistically arranged faces out of delicate flowers while participating in Justina Blakeney's #FacetheFoliage challenge, and have written about cooking with flowers and even the language of flowers


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