Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Guest Post by Elizabeth, of Delightfully Tacky

For my tenth birthday, my parents got me a gift certificate for four horseback riding lessons at Eaton Equestrian Centre. Four lessons turned into ten years of competitive riding, owning three horses, traveling from Alaska to California for competitions, and incalculable hours both on horseback and caring for my horses. Honestly, I believe that my time as an equestrian shaped my character in monumental ways. Caring for horses, respecting and controlling their power, learning the skills and dedication needed to ride with precision. 


Having spent countless hours wearing breeches, tall boots, riding jackets, and other equestrian garb, it's always kind of a crack up when I see equestrian trends pop up in the fashion world. I recently just purchased a blazer for fall, and when I put it on, I was flooded with emotions and memories from donning similar jackets right before heading into the show ring. It's fun being able to bring little pieces of those times through to the present with equestrian inspired styles.


Perhaps it's because of riding horses, but I simply love the textiles and colors most often associated with all things equestrian. Herringbone, tweed, plaid, leather, browns, tans, and hunter greens. It's no wonder equestrian styles pop up with about as much frequency as military type styles. The textiles and structures in equestrian inspired styles are naturally suited for autumn clothing. The common blazer is a perfect substitute for a riding jacket, and a pair of tall leather boots, which are pretty common once fall arrives, both quickly evoke a prim and equestrian look. Other great ideas to bring the equestrian look into your every day wardrobe? Try wearing tan colored pants tucked into tall leather boots, or a button down shirt paired with a dark blazer.  To polish off your equestrian inspired look, style your hair in a neat hairstyle fit for the ring, such as a low chignon or a clean side ponytail.


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--Elizabeth, of Delightfully Tacky

  • I now wear my English riding boots as fashion. Love them! Sadly I haven't been on a horse in waay too long.

    Posted on September 21, 2012

  • I grew up on a horse farm {and still ride occasionally}, so equestrian styling has long been a practically fashionable choice for me. So glad to see it becoming a staple.

    *Great article!

    Posted on September 29, 2012

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