Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Gabby Noone is the girl that can do it all! As a college student and staff writer for Rookie Mag and other publications (like Buzzfeed!), Gabby is definitely a rising star that you should be keeping an eye out for. Her passion for all things thrifted and vintage makes her a shoe-in for Ruche Girl status. Follow along as we get up close and personal.

Full-time student and a writer – we’re impressed! What’s a typical day like for you?
First thing, I wake up and my personal harem of male models brushes my hair, hand feeds me grapes, and gets to work on my daily nail art, which must include no less than three relevant pop culture references.

Just kidding! I get up early, make coffee, battle it out with my flat iron while I catch up with shows on Hulu, and then head to class. When I’m not busy soaking up knowledge, I stay up late into the night productively writing or, more likely, unproductively browsing the Internet.

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How did you get into the editorial industry?
I’ve always kept some sort of a blog. I was (and am) a huge fan of Rookie and one of my best friends Hazel Cills is a staff writer for the site. I think she recommended to Tavi that I start writing for the site and I guess Tavi was reading my blog and was like “Yeah!” And then I started contributing to Buzzfeed’s DIY vertical last spring as an intern.

With a busy schedule in mind, how does fashion play a role in your lifestyle?
I find that I am generally more productive when I feel good about my outfit. However, this does not stop me from wearing my pajamas until 3pm on weekends.

I stick to somewhat of a uniform on weekdays to keep things easy. Usually I’ll wear black high waisted pants, some sort of cropped sweater or shirt, and then a cool pair of comfy shoes. I recently got these metallic gold oxfords that make me feel really cool. Also, I’ve noticed people are more friendly towards me when I wear them, so that’s nice.

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We hear you have a love for vintage style (so do we!). Is there anything on your Ruche wishlist?
Yes! I love the look of party dresses from the 1950s, but I find that recently I’ve been shying away from super feminine cuts for myself. I’m not sure, but I think between turning 20 and the new Beyonce album, I’ve been wanting to dress a little more bolder and bossy. I love this Plaza Hotel Sequin Shift Dress!

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Being a thrifting huntress, what are the key things you look for when in search of a great find?
I can easily get very carried away when thrifting, but I’m getting better. I used to live in fear that I’d end up on Hoarders: Buried Alive, but no longer. I used to buy a lot of dresses that were too big and tell myself that I’d alter them, but then I’d end up with a pile of dresses that I’d just end up with a huge mending pile that I never tackled. So, now I look for stuff that definitely fits me and I know I’ll be able to wear regularly. This means I have to pass over a lot of cool stuff, but then I save money/space and remember that then someone else ‘s thrifting dreams will come true. 

Also, I keep a list on my phone of basic stuff I should be looking out for. Thrifting isn’t just for finding exciting vintage, but also stuff like white t-shirts or cardigans.

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Now to get to know you a little more, are you ready for a round of quick fire questions? Ready? Go! Do you prefer…
-- Kitten heels or flats? I will say neither and go with Heelys, the roller skating shoes.
-- Coffee or tea? Coffee with lots of cream and sugar and whipped cream, if available. I am proud of my unrefined palette.
-- Paperback or e-book? Paperback.
-- Bold lips or bold nails? BOTH
-- Ruffles or lace? Hmmm, gonna say RIC RAC OR DIE.

We send our love to Gabby for taking the time to chat with us! From fashion advice to life hacks, she's got some words of wisdom for all of it -- follow her BuzzFeed, Twitter and Tumblr for more!


  • This girl is just too cool. I found out about her from Rookie. She and Hazel are killing it with their articles and just everything.

    Posted on January 20, 2014