Monday, April 23, 2012

When did your love for photography begin?
I’ve always been artistic ever since I was a child…always painting, drawing, daydreaming, etc. I fell in love with photography in high school though when I inherited my grandpa’s super old 35mm camera.

How do you describe your artistic aesthetic?
My work has been described as hopelessly romantic, timeless, and whimsical…I’m drawn to images where you just want to dive right in and live in that moment…

What is a typical day like for you?
My days are never the same and I wouldn’t have it any other way….one day I’ll be in the office editing and answering e-mails, the next on my way to a shoot, in meetings, creating inspiration boards, traveling, or location scouting. Location scouting and shooting are two aspects that I love about this job…there’s this giddy excitement that comes with discovering a new spot that inspires me and then seeing my vision come to life.

What do you love most about being a husband and wife team?
I get to be with my best friend and sweetheart all day long…simple as that! We’ve always been rather inseparable since we met in high school, and we both love the creative process. For the past 6 months, Isaac has been unable to work because of a stroke caused by a brain tumor. It was utterly devastating, but he’s fighting his way back through rehabilitation and still goes to every shoot with me. You can read more about his story at:

Do you have a specific work space? What does it look like?
Well, we work from home; so one room is designated for our office. We have two computers on either side of the office for my husband and myself, a giant window to gaze out into the backyard, and an enormous “to do list” chalkboard. It’s filled with inspiring photographic books, magazines, and drawings from my favorite illustrator as well as all the usual, but necessary boring office stuff. ;)  It alternates from looking like a tornado hit it (my doing) to looking neatly organized (Isaac’s doing)

Which photos from To Have & To Hold are your favorites?
Hmm, that’s a tough question…I love so many! The cover shot is one of my favorites along with the ones with live animals, we had ponies, a kitten, and butterfly for this one – live animals always make the shoot more interesting! The butterfly was pure happenstance! I also love several shots from the studio shoot, especially the ones that feature some of the gorgeous hats Ruche found for the bridal line.

Any behind-the-scenes lookbook moments you'd like to share?
We had so many scenes planned out on the grounds of the Kimberly Mansion…the weather, however, had made other plans. It rained half the day and was freezing cold! I literally had little icicles forming in my hair by the end of the day. But, like any amazing team, we all adapted to the situation and made the best of it!

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