Saturday, July 7, 2012

Photography by Jessica Claire


If you have a baby under two years old, don't let that stop you from having a fun weekend getaway! Here are a few tips, tricks, and vacation ideas for traveling with a child:



Baby-friendly travel ideas:


1. Plan a “staycation” at a nearby hotel/resort  to avoid the stress of flying and extended car travel.


2. Take a family cruise. Most require babies to be at least 6 months old, but Disney allows babies as young as 12 weeks.


3. Enroll in Mommy and Me swim classes.


4. Spend the day at the beach and have a family fun day in the sand.


5. Go berry picking! The berries are low to the ground so it's perfect for young children.


6. Sight-see in a new city with a body baby carrier.


7. Visit a public library (many cities have ones with great architecture) and attend a children's book reading.



Tips for traveling with a baby:


1. Bring extras of all necessary baby products.


2. Budget a time for naps and adjust car seats/lighting in car to ensure your baby can sleep easily.


3. Establish a routine while traveling to make your baby feel comfortable and more at home.


4. Start and end your day early for a better chance of avoiding fussiness.



If you have any more advice for traveling with a baby, please share it in a comment below. ♥ Happy travels!





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