Thursday, August 14, 2014

A day at school almost always means a day filled with hustle and bustle. Whether you're beginning your final year of college or preparing to move into a dorm, all things back-to-school can be kind of overwhelming. You begin your day dutifully taking notes in class, latte in hand, and then go from class to study session to lunch with a friend, back to class, and then finally home only to start the whole routine over again the next day. Because we know school days are busy days, we have an assortment of accessories to get you from morning to noon to night. 

From pocket notebooks for to-do lists, shopping lists, or whatever list you can come up with (because who doesn't love making lists?!) to scarves for freezing AC temperatures inside your lecture halls, we have an abundance of little necessities to fill your backpack or satchel to get you through your day. Even things like comfy shoes to get you from one side of campus to another and sunglasses for those outdoor study sessions are a must-have! Shop back-to-school accessories and our back-to-school lookbook, Making the Grade, to find everything you need for that first day back until you hand in your last final exam! 


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