Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sometimes we look through old black and white photographs of our great-grandmothers and think, how did they look so fabulously chic? While the pearls and the refined fashions are part of the 1930’s style equation, we also covet classic 1930’s hair and 1930’s makeup looks that are synonymous with old Hollywood glamour! In that decade, beauty routines became more glamorous than they were in the 1920’s, partly due to the rise of Hollywood cinema, full color women’s magazines, and the growing sense of feminine independence (remember, women got the right to vote in 1920!)

As far as classic 1930’s make-up goes, eyebrows were arched and thin, shadows were shimmery, and lips were painted in deep raspberry reds. And every girl worth her salt had mascara in her make up bag. We wanted to breathe some fresh inspiration into this vintage-inspired look, so the makeup is a little softer and sweeter than what you might see on a film noir femme fatale!

When it came to tresses, the 1930’s hair routines mandated soft waves, often with a deep side part. But the style of the day was still a little too perfectly coiffed for an everyday modern ‘do, so we updated the look for vintage-inspiration that draws from past eras but looks beautiful today.

Between our 1930’s hair and 1930’s makeup tutorials, achieving a refined, vintage-inspired aesthetic is just a mere matter of minutes away! If you’re smitten with this era, learn more about 1930’s clothing styles with our vintage clothing guide. And you can view more of our hair and makeup tutorials on our YouTube page for fun beauty ideas.


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