Tuesday, September 17, 2013

When you look at a fashion lookbook, there should be more than a collection of pretty clothes. A lookbook should create a world, a story, its own particular mood and feeling. In order to achieve this, every lookbook photo shoot requires a team of talented make-up artists and hair artists, models, assistants, stylists, creative directors, and photographers. Our fall lookbook would not have turned out so beautifully without all the hard work and creativity of our wonderful team! So we sat down with four of the key players who made it all possible, and asked them a few questions to give you a behind the scenes peek into our fall lookbook, One Fine Day

A chat with Jesse, our Creative Photographer:

How would you describe the energy and experience of being on set during a lookbook shoot?
The energy on set is always crazy! Everyone is hustling, running around from one scene/task to the next. We are usually coming off of weeks of hard work and stress, which makes for a crazy mood. Overall, we definitely still have fun, but the main objective is really to get things done! There is also a real sense of "team" on set, everyone doing what they can to help each other to make sure the shoot goes smoothly for all of us -- whether its steaming something for styling, moving props, carrying camera equipment, etc -- we try and help each other.

What is the schedule like for a lookbook shoot and how long is a typical shoot day?
The schedule is also crazy! Time is our biggest enemy on a shoot. We are always chasing the sun for better light, or dodging bad weather coming in, or rushing to the next location because we have X amount of outfits left, or only booked a venue for 4 hrs, etc etc. Our schedules are planned out to the minute! And it really comes down to shooting each outfit and scene that was planned, and still having room left for the "unexpected". Call time is usually around 6 am, and depending on the season we either finish around 5 pm or 7 pm. So our days are 12 hr minimum. Not including travel time and packing up.

A chat with Sarah, our Stylist:

What were your sources of inspiration for styling this shoot?
The inspiration for the lookbook was the 1950's/1960's. I was inspired by Mad Men, and wanted the outfits to have a retro/mod feel.

Roughly how many hours would you say go into the creative process behind your styling for a lookbook?
Many! I build off the concept and try to create looks that reflect the theme, yet are wearable.

What were the key fall trends that you wanted to incorporate into the fall lookbook?
Colorblocking and geometric prints were huge fall trends that fit perfectly with the theme of the lookbook.

Which of the outfits do you think is the most quintessential “fall” look?
The camel trench layered with a knit vest, cords, and a scarf. Layering is a must for fall! You can play with textures and prints to create an effortless look. I was a little worried about the model wearing layers in close to 100 degree weather, but it happened to be cooler than we anticipated. It even rained!

A chat with Orchid, our Creative Coordinator:

How much work goes into a lookbook before the day of the shoot?
We usually try to start planning our lookbooks at least 2-3 months in advance. Everyone on our creative team works together to come up with unique ideas and inspirations. Once the team decides on a theme, we spend a lot of time researching locations, styling the clothes, picking out scenes to shoot, etc. It's a lot of work, but totally worth it!

A lot of creative brainstorming goes into each concept. What were some of the other ideas that were thrown around before this theme was chosen, and how did everyone decide on One Fine Day?
To be honest, I can't remember the other ideas that were discussed because it was so long ago. I think that everyone has always thought that Ruche's aesthetic would be perfect for a Mad Men-inspired shoot. Once that idea was thrown out there, everyone was pretty much on board!

What’s your favorite aspect of working closely with the creative team on each lookbook?
I think that my favorite part is getting to see everyone's ideas turn into actual lookbook photos. Sometimes I'll be at the lookbook shoot watching a certain scene being shot and I'll think, "I'm SO glad that we came up with that!".

We didn't originally plan for there to be a scene with the couple strolling together underneath an umbrella. It had been raining on and off all morning on the day of the shoot. We got pretty lucky with some of our shots, but by the time we had to head over to the park the rain was back in full force! It worked out though, because those photos turned out really cute!

A chat with Mai, our Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder:

You’ve had the pleasure of working with so many talented photographers! What was it like working with Brandon Kidd on this lookbook?
Brandon and Kristen Kidd have always been amazing to work with! They are truly one of the most sweetest couples I know. Not only are they talented, their positive energy and excitement during every shoot really makes them part of the Ruche family. We are so lucky to get the opportunity to work with The Kidds, along with all our amazing photographers in previous lookbooks!

Of all the outfits in the fall lookbook, which is your favorite?
My favorite outfit is the Betsy Polka Dot Dress. It is so simple and classy, yet the cut is so unique and special. Although a close second would be the A Dream Is A Wish Skirt In Black. I can't wait to wear this through the holiday season!

View our One Fine Day lookbook here, and shop all the fall outfits