Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Our spring lookbook, Flourish, launched yesterday! We’re captivated by the chic outfits, vivid blooms, and array of inspired settings, so we asked the lookbook team more about their experience on set. Read on to see what they had to say about this gorgeous shoot.

How could our model not be smiling? Most of the set was covered in flowers!

We heard this "day in the life of a florist" idea was yours! What led you to this darling idea?
Well, I've been obsessed with the amazing flower creations of Amy Merrick for a while now! When the time came to pitch ideas for Ruche's spring lookbook, I started wondering what a day spent in her shoes would look like. Where would she go to pick up flowers? What would her work station look like? What kinds of bouquets would she be working on? I may have come up with the initial concept, but it was the ideas from the rest of our creative team that really brought the whole story to life!

What kind of preparation does a lookbook shoot require?
The preparation for a lookbook shoot begins months in advance! Once a theme is confirmed, we spend a lot of time researching locations, planning out potential scenes, choosing the right props, and so on. As we get closer to the shoot date, there are all sorts of logistics that we have to account for, like scheduling the number of outfits, figuring out how to transport props, deciding on the amount of time spent on each photo and video scene. It takes a lot of organization and planning from every department involved, but it's so rewarding when it all comes together!

 -- Orchid, Creative Coordinator

Our set coordinator making sure that all the products look their absolute best!

What are your responsibilities on the set?
On the day of the lookbook I do all of the product styling - setting up vignettes for photos of all accessories, shoes, and jewelry (and sometimes a few clothing items!). This involves creative brainstorming, prop styling, prop shopping, and coming up with a creative sequence of photos. On set I have to make sure that each "shot" is styled, set up, and ready for our photographer, and that all products are photographed.

Which scene was the most fun to organize?
I have a few scenes that were my favorite to style. These were taken at the loft, the florist's "studio" or workspace. Here are the pages I'm particularly smitten with:

18: I really, really love how this one turned out. The botany prints are from her "inspiration wall" (as seen in another scene), and I thought putting real flowers on one of her botany prints would reflect her inspirations coming to life.
21: I love this series of little moments. There are meant to feel like floral layouts that botanists and florists create before they dry flowers. I try to be very intentional with color choices, and had a lot of fun coming up with various compositions for these shots.
22: I absolutely love these! I wanted to incorporate the texture of the florist's work table and show a bit more of her creative process, and I felt like these two 31 Bits necklaces were perfect for this. Pairing them with her scissors and flowers kind of shows that they are little works of art too.

-- Jesse, Set Assistant

A quick beauty touch-up is not uncommon on our lookbook sets! A perfect lip is key.

Did you have to overcome any obstacles in shooting this lookbook?
There are always obstacles to overcome with every lookbook. Usually it's just fighting the clock and making sure that we can get every look captured within the small time frame we have to work with. This makes it increasingly difficult when you are moving around the city to various locations, setting up different scenes and backdrops and making hair and makeup changes between each look as well. The entire Ruche team is so talented and organized, they are able to photograph every look they plan for (which at some points in the day almost seems to be an impossible task)!

Which scene ended up being your favorite and why?
I think my favorite series of scenes were taken at the very end of the shoot when the light was falling and we were shooting into twilight. I think the low light combined with the ambient light from the cars and street lights really helped create the atmosphere we were desiring in those city scenes. We wanted to create an authentic city life experience with a lifestyle approach and I think this translated beautifully in those last few looks.

-- Brandon Kidd, Photographer

While it looks like Mai & Kristen Kidd are taking a quick break, they're actually filling in for the model for a quick lighting test.

What was the story behind this lookbook?
When Orchid brought in her inspirations for the spring lookbook, I immediately fell in love with the concept.  I have been a fan Amy Merrick for a while now.  I admire and am always inspired by her work.   With the "life of a florist" concept in mind, I wanted to give her a personality and a lifestyle.  Everything from the model selection, the set, the outfits, and the props, had to match who she is.  Her life revolves around flowers; she's independent, confident, extremely creative, has an eclectic lifestyle.  I also wanted to show a softer side of her.   She's country girl living in the big city.  She creates sentimental meaning to all of her pieces.  Instead of just making bouquets and vases, she treats flowers like art.  I wanted her work to be unique and innovative, more like an art piece.  We worked very closely with the talented Liz  from Late Afternoon and she came up with the idea of the three frames at the end.  The flowers turned out AMAZING!

Which scene and outfit ended up being your favorite?
This was definitely my favorite outfit and scene! I am in love with that skirt!!  The wooden shelves were perfect for her workspace because it also showed eclectic lifestyle.  The botany wall shows her more softer and sentimental side. 

-- Mai, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Office

Our stylist, Sarah, in action ensuring that every outfit looks perfect!

What was your vision for the styling?
My vision for styling this lookbook was a modern city girl, with a vintage touch. I wanted to incorporate neutrals mixed with pops of color such as mustard and coral. I was drawn to embroidery, florals, and lace.

-- Sarah, Stylist

The natural lighting in this loft was perfect. We couldn't have found a more gorgeous location!

What is the easiest way to freshen up a makeup look for spring?
Focus on the skin! Glowy, healthy skin with a cheek and lip stain is everything this season.

-- KC, Hair & Makeup

Our Creative Coordinator, Orchid, setting up the loft scene.

We know this was your first time on the set of a seasonal lookbook shoot! How was it?
This was such an awesome experience for my first time on the set of a seasonal lookbook. It was great to actually see all our planning set into motion. We plan these shoots with a vision in our heads of how the locations, sets, and shots will look and to actually be there to experience the vision being realized was just the best.  

Was it more stressful or less stressful that you anticipated?
I wouldn't say that it was more stressful than I had anticipated. This was one of those great shoots where, on the day of, everything seemed to go according to plan and to come together beautifully making for a pretty smooth shoot day.

-- Leanne, Project Coordinator

A big thanks to our lookbook team for giving us a look behind the scenes! To see their final creation and shop some truly adorable spring pieces, browse our spring lookbook here!