Saturday, October 12, 2013

Whether ferns bend towards you like a ray of sunlight or you’ve never been able to keep a cactus alive, Bring the Outdoors In is for you. In this charming design book, Brooklyn stylist and designer Shane Powers (who has worked for the likes of Bloom, Vogue, Martha Stewart Living, and West Elm) shows you how to bring a touch of natural beauty into your home. But there are enough design ideas with dried flowers and succulents for even the brown thumbs among us to take heart!

Bring the Outdoors In includes twenty-two simple DIY garden projects in a wide variety in terms of plants used and visual aesthetic, but every design lends a natural tranquility to any space. There are step-by-step instructions, information about light and temperature needs for different kinds of plants, styling ideas, and helpful resources, so transforming a room with outdoor elements doesn’t have to be just for master gardeners and crafters.

The importance of bringing plants into your home cannot be underestimated either! Plants not only comfort and welcome, creating a sense of serenity, they have been proven to reduce stress levels and clean the air we breathe. Finding the best botanicals for your interior can be tricky, but the photos and ideas in this book will inspire you towards unexpected uses of baby’s breath, ferns, succulents, vines, tillandsia, and so much more. A willow wreath might add the elegant natural touch to a gallery wall that had been missing, or a colorful dried floral garland may vibrantly enhance a window dressing.

Green thumb or no, this DIY book will inspire you to bring the outdoors in. As a coffee table book, it’s sure to be a favorite with visitors for its gorgeous photography and unconventional ideas, while it also makes a thoughtful housewarming gift. We suggest you consider this your essential guide for creative greenery if you’re bored with the typical potted house plant!

Be sure to add Bring the Outdoors In to your coffee table stack and take a look at the rest of our wonderful collection of good reads.


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