Thursday, June 12, 2014

Nothing quite compares to the sounds of happily chirping birds along with the careful breeze making its way through tall branches. Spending time away from the everyday hustle and bustle can be incredibly refreshing, but packing and planning meals can be a challenge when you're miles from civilization (aka: Whole Foods and Starbucks!). We found a few tricks and recipes to make your wilderness getaway meals taste like they were made right at home!  

A creative way to pack meals when camping is in mason jars! The versatile and compact jars are amazing for hosting salads. Perfect for when you're prepping ahead, a mason jar salad can host a variety of vegetables and protein essential for a trip in the wilderness. No matter your fixings, make sure you put your dressing of choice in first to ensure your greens stay fresh and crispy! 

When you're considering your options for a campfire dinner, pizza typically isn't the first thing that comes to mind. The easily customizable and quick cooking time makes this dish perfect for eating under the stars. Made on a pan or stone placed on a camping stove or grill placed above a fire pit, this delightfully flavorful dish is satisfying after a long hike. There are many ways to craft a pizza at your campsite! 

Smores are a camping staple, but we love getting creative with our ingredients! Marshmallow, chocolate, and graham crackers are always a wilderness essential, but what about placing a peanut butter cup inbetween the toasty marshmallow and crunchy cracker? We also think chocolate chip cookies would be a delicious substitute for the traditional graham cracker.

Waking up to the rising sun instead of an alarm is one of our favorite things about camping. Morning at your campsite is perfect for a hearty breakfast and cup of fresh brewed coffee. Eggs and potatoes are a breakfast staple and an easy fix at any campsite with a fire pit and grill! The smoke of the fire infuses your ingredients with a flavor perfect for your woodland setting. 

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The sound of a crackling campfire and the satisfaction that comes with not turning your toasty marshmallow into a smoking inferno are just a couple of our favorite things about spending some time outdoors. We love cooking in the great outdoors, but we are always mindful a fire is completely out and there are no stray embers when we are done crafting our campsite recipes! 

Even if you can't find the time to escape to the forest, you can always bring one of these recipes into your kitchen, listen to a woodsy playlist, and transform your space into a place of tranquility. Do you have a favorite recipe you bring to every campsite? We would love to know! 


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