Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bright colors, sparkles, and rustic vibes are just what every space needs during this festive holiday season. If you have finally got everything in place and spruced up just the way you like it, all you need now is the perfect dessert for you next soiree. Introducing... drum roll, please... mini-sparkly sugar caramel apples!

Perfect for fall entertaining! These bite-sized caramel apples won't do damage to your waistline and still allows to your enjoy an original yummy fall treat! Can't ever finish one BIG caramel apple? No problem. Love to eat caramel apples but hate the mess?! Problem solved.

-- Kellie Van, of Le Zoe Musings

Crimson gold crab apples
Red and orange sugar cystals
Caramel apple kit (1 caramel apple kit yields roughly 6-8 mini apples depending on sizes of the apples)

1. Insert cleaned natural twigs into the apples

2. Follow the instructions of your caramel apple kit in order to melt the caramel thoroughly. Dip apples in caramel.

3. Sprinkle sparkly sugars over the caramel coating.

4. Let set in the refrigerator until caramel gets harden.

These decorative bite-size treats are just the delicious dessert we've been craving! Thanks to Kellie Van, of Le Zoe Musings, for sharing this sparkly delight that can be found in our holiday cookbook, Sugar and Spice.


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