Saturday, November 1, 2014

This month's Ruchette of the Month inspires us to be confident in ourselves, explore our local fare, and enjoy every moment. Chelsea, of Tea Talk, embodies joy in every outfit and lifestyle post, plus we can't help but swoon over her trademark long blonde hair! We love reading about her local favorites near Phoenix, Arizona, and adventures with her husband Scott (who we have to thank for being the inspiration for her blog since Chelsea started it 7 years ago to show him her traveling adventures). We are so excited to have this stylish, smart, and coffee-loving lady as our November Ruchette of the Month!


You currently reside just outside of Phoenix, AZ. What are some of your favorite things to do in your town?
Great question! I love going down to my favorite local coffee shop for an iced coffee and taking a stroll with my husband through our historic downtown square. I also love exploring our neighborhood orchards and tree farms, and spending time out on the patio of our favorite local restaurants. We love our quaint town!

What do you think is the key to finding your own personal style?
In all honesty, I believe the key to finding your own personal style is to wear only styles that you love. I know it can be tough with so many trends coming and going, but by going with your gut feeling of what you love, rather than hopping on every trend, you're able to hone in on your true, personal style much more easily.

You have done an amazing job of documenting your wedding on your blog! Do you have any wedding planning advice to share?
What a sweet compliment! Thank you so much! When it comes to wedding planning advice, I would say take things one step at a time and always listen to you heart. Wedding planning can be very overwhelming and oftentimes your vision can get lost if you're letting yourself be influenced by too many people or things. Focus on what's important to you and your soon-to-be husband and everything will work itself out perfectly in the end.

Describe your perfect party outfit.
OH! My perfect party outfit would include a classic dress (in black, or maybe even full sequins), bold jewelry, elegant heels and the most perfect evening bag to top it off! I'm a simple gal, but I LOVE a good party outfit!


Are there any recipes or dishes you're looking forward to making during the colder months ahead?
YES! I absolutely adore baking in the winter time and always look forward to whipping out my grandma's old cookbook and making her famous chocolate, peanut butter and butterscotch fudges. They are seriously to die for, and so easy to make!

Quick Fire!
Hot or Iced Coffee? Iced Coffee!
Fiction or Nonfiction? Fiction!
Home cooked meal or a dinner out? Dinner out!
Favorite season? Fall!
Phone, keys, wallet and....a cardigan!

Last but not least, what is your favorite thing about being a Ruchette?
My favorite thing about being a Ruchette is getting to be a part of this amazing community of stylish gals! 

Chelsea's blog is the perfect stop for your fashion fixes and adventure inspiration. With her sweet smile and honest advice, this lovely lady is truly a gem of a Ruchette!