Monday, October 21, 2013

Our fall trends report for you comes down to one word: classic. The word evokes the kind of timelessness that defines Ruchette style. It makes us think of Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O., of a time when women dressed with elegant refinement for every occasion. And one well-loved way of achieving a classic look is with classic patterns.

We looked to the runways to see the designer take on fall trends, and we were jazzed to see that classic patterns abound this season! There was a resurgence of classic patterns like houndstooth and plaid, and a positive profusion of polka dots and stripes. We also loved seeing ladylike fall tweed and vintage inspired paisley, two patterns we think deserve more closet space this season. As much as we were eagerly anticipating the fall trends, we always prefer to invest in pieces that will be beautiful this season and next season, that will not make us cringe a year from now from being too trendy. So the fact that classic patterns are very much one of the fall trends this year, but still a timeless investment, really couldn’t make us happier!

With our modern-vintage aesthetic in mind, classic patterns are perfect for incorporating into fall ensembles. They draw from the best of the vintage decades that inspire us while fitting right in with our more modern fall pieces. For example, where Joan or Peggy from Mad Men might be seen in a matching houndstooth or plaid skirt suit, we’re more likely to pick a pencil skirt or peplum top in a classic pattern and pair with jewel tones, rich autumn hues, or mix two different classic patterns in the same ensemble. Polka dots are a year-round Ruchette must, and a flirty polka dot skirt will become your Sunday brunch staple, while donning a houndstooth jacket or a striped dress is an effortless way to elevate your 9-5 style too – classic patterns are chic for both work meetings and after-work cocktails!

Since classic prints will never go out of style, you really don’t have to feel guilty about buying all the plaid and tweed your heart desires! Shop our fall trends collection of classic patterns.