Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sylvia, of Sylvia Chen Photography, is a very talented photographer who enjoys the art of story telling through images and time. Her talents allow people to see moments captured into a single frame that forever imbeds into our memories. We luckily had the chance to share some of our favorite brides maid dresses for her recent photo shoot. See her artistry at one of its' best!

For this particular set, Sylvia had a crew of people helping to pull the final look together. Makeup provided by Jennifer Chou and hair by Brenda Phih. Through out the course of the shoot, Sylvia intricately selected moods and atmospheres that brought the right overall feeling for the shoot. Wall décor, hair accessories, pompom pins Handmade by Sara Kim.

The photo shoot was graced with four of Sylvia's models that beautifully showcased our very own dresses.

(Clockwise: Starting with the top left) Sophia Lin sports our Stroke Of Twelve Embroidered Dress, Gracye Cheng wears our Lana Peplum Dress in Coral, Fiona Rizzo wears our Beauvais Ruffle Detail Dress in Emerald and Esther Park looks lovely in our Belle Nuit Tiered Dress in Mustard

Thank you, Sylvia, for having us be a part of your beautiful shoot. The colors, images and smiles couldn't have looked lovelier. To indulge in even more details behind the photo shoot with Sylvia, take a peek here!

Makeup provided by Jennifer Chou, Hair by Brenda Phih and wall décor, hair accessories, pompom pins Handmade by Sara Kim.


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  • Loved the dresses you provided for this shoot! Such a beautiful combination. Excited we got to provide the cake stands, great job Sylvia!

    Posted on August 21, 2013