Wednesday, April 9, 2014

To live a life that’s inspiring to others, it’s important to take time to reflect on your beliefs, motivations, and values. We believe that declaring what’s important to you and reminding yourself daily of those values will help you stay true to who you are, even in the face of busy schedules and the media’s mixed messages. How can you formulate your own manifesto? Here is a writing activity that will help you center on your core values and beliefs.

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1. Take A Seat: To begin, go somewhere that will help you clear your mind and enable you to hone in on the things that matter most. This may involve a coffee shop, park, beach, or your bedroom -- opt for whichever element suits you best.

2. Gather Tools: Decide on the writing tools and format that will help you brainstorm. Some people write the most when they use a notebook, while others’ minds flow freely in the presence of a laptop. It might be easier for some to let their words wander in prose form, while you might find it easier to write in bullet points to keep your thought process clear.

3. Brainstorm: Figure out which topics you want to write about. Perhaps you’ll want to first focus on a specific topic, like friendships or personal style, creating separate manifestos for different areas of your life. You can always combine these lists later, or jump straight ahead to one master list that combines the important aspects of each category.

4. Write!: Keep your pen or the keys moving until you feel you’ve covered all of the important bases. Feel free to revisit the list over the next few days, adding as you see fit.

5. Narrow It Down: Now that you have your list or collection of lists, sort through it until you’re down to the top 10 or 15 values and beliefs. Remember, you can always combine the similar points!

After you complete your manifesto, rewrite it or reformat it and display it somewhere you’ll see it each day, whether that’s in your kitchen, at your desk, or on the bathroom mirror. Viewing the manifesto daily will allow the inspiration and reminders sink in so that you can live out your beliefs to the fullest each day. Consider incorporating aspects of your manifesto into your social media profiles as well, or sharing it with your friends to help lift their spirits.

Some of our employees have also been creating their own manifestosl! Here are some snippets of our beliefs at Ruche:

“I believe in random acts of kindness.”

“I believe that travel, whether it’s a weekend road trip or a grand European adventure, gives me a fresh perspective on life.”

“I believe in being boldly feminine, with equal parts grace and strength.”

Your manifesto is your personal expression of who you are, so alter it and add to it whenever the mood strikes. The manifesto is for your own benefit, to help build you up and shine each day, so that you can be your best self and love beautifully. In turn, your manifesto will help others through the lovely life you create.

Have you ever written your own manifesto? What will your manifesto include?

Live beautifully,

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