Saturday, February 22, 2014

We all struggle with creative dry spells, whether it haunts us in the form of writer’s block, an artistic rut, or a general lack of enthusiasm. These lulls in productivity are natural, but we can work through them more smoothly by fashioning a workspace that surrounds us with inspirational resources and reminders. Here are our tips for developing and transforming your home desk, work desk, studio or craft room into a haven that sparks creativity and motivation!

Image Source: Pink Peonies

Initial Set-Up: Tips for Starting a Creative Workspace
If you’re about to develop your own workspace for the first time or are moving its location, here are some basics for getting started:

1. Location: If you have the luxury of picking the location of your workspace (choice of room or nook in your home or, in the case of a studio, selection of building), consider the various spatial factors that will contribute to your productivity. Would you be inspired most if you had an outside view, or do you work best in a dark cave of a room? Will you be distracted if you work too close to the kitchen, or does it fuel your food blogging hobby? Pinpoint the place that will help you create your best work!

2. Theme & Color-Scheme: Now that you have your special space set aside, brainstorm which theme or color-scheme would suit you the most. Would an antique-inspired, Jane Austen-esque room help you finish your novel? Do bright, saturated colors help you gear up to give your oil paints another chance? Perhaps something minimalistic will help you think best! Draw on your past experience and interests to decide which route you’ll go.

3. Furniture: It’s time to fill your space with the proper furniture! Go on a hunt for the perfect desk to fit your theme, be it a flea market find you’ll paint or an uber-modern geometric table. Don’t forget a comfortable chair and any additional light sources you might need!