Saturday, July 20, 2013

Oh Design Sponge, how we adore you! So it’s no surprise that Design Sponge at Home has become our design bible. As part of the blog to book phenomenon, this stands out as one that is worth buying to have in a beautiful tangible form. Design Sponge at Home proves that personalizing your space with great design can be accessible and affordable, and it’s the kind of lovely coffee table book you will find yourself flipping through all the time.

Whether you recently moved in and are starting from scratch, or just want to re-do your bedroom, this book should be your first resource! It is well organized into five sections: 70 inspiring real home tours with beautiful photos and design tips, 50 DIY projects broken down by cost and difficulty, helpful DIY tutorials, real before and after projects, and lessons on modern floral arrangement that will have you bringing the outdoors indoor with grace and style. 

The home tours will help you learn more about your own design aesthetic; maybe you’re drawn to the way one couple mixed industrial pieces with salvaged wood, and totally reconceive your own dining room, or perhaps you will find yourself coveting someone’s re-upholstered vintage chair and head straight to the fabric store.

We especially love how the book makes DIY seem do-able! Even if you don’t think of yourself as crafty, the clear and detailed instructions will have you picking up a staple gun in no time. There are wonderful, inexpensive ideas for cozying up your space, from making practical things like tea towels and wine case displays to decorative accents like bookends, terrariums and pillows. And the DIY basics covered in the tutorials will teach you useful skills like how to strip wooden furniture, sew pretty curtains and hang wallpaper.

Design Sponge at Home will inspire your own creativity; seeing how someone re-purposes a vintage library card catalog as a bedside table will have you combing through flea markets seeing the potential in the unexpected! Read through this charming book to bring your personality and modern-vintage Ruchette style into your home without breaking the bank.

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