Tuesday, July 9, 2013

This glittering summer, we're falling in love with striking chevron patterns in a rainbow of colors! To add a sprinkle of creative flair into your home, we wanted to share this simple DIY project that is not only stylish, but can also happily house a few of your favorite flowers! 

Yarn - we used three different colors
Glue gun
Tacky glue (optional )

1. Create a chevron outline with a piece of yarn slightly above the bottom of the bottle. Using a glue gun, apply a dab of glue while laying down the yarn. Continue to follow the pattern with a few lines of yarn. Once the pattern is done, cut the end of the yarn.

2. Using another color of yarn, create a triangle underneath the chevron and glue down.  Continue to follow the triangle, filling it in with yarn. Repeat all around the bottle until all of the triangles are filled in.

3. Take a third color of yarn and start a second chevron pattern above the first one that you made. Continue as you did in Step 1.

4. After the second chevron pattern is complete, follow Step 2 and fill in all of the triangle spaces above it.

5. Now you can start wrapping the remainder of the bottle with yarn. You’re going to want to wrap the yarn tight, making sure there aren't any gaps in between the yarn. Use glue to secure. It’s not necessary to glue every line, only when you feel that the yarn is moving a bit too much. Note: Since the bottle curves, it may be easier to use tacky glue instead of the glue gun for this step.

6. Continue wrapping the bottle with yarn until you reach the top. Feel free to add different sections of color like we did!

The vase is perfect alone or with a flower. Have fun with it!

This DIY project is not only striking with summer style, it's a wonderful way to recycle your glass bottles! Fall in love with more colorful chevron prints for your wardrobe this season! 


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  • This is so cute and simple! I love it :)
    -Deana, from BirdsandOxfords

    Posted on July 9, 2013

  • this is very nice and easy to prepare

    Posted on July 22, 2014

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