Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A cute and fun way to personalize any get together, from bridal showers and weddings to a laid back backyard summer soiree, is with a custom place card holder. This little craft is an easy way to integrate the decor of your party into your table settings and is a thoughtful detail your guest will love. We simplified crafting these little paper beauties, so go ahead and get crafting! 

1. Clothespin
2. Construction paper
3. Vellum paper (optional)
4. Scissors
5. Glue

1. Draw and cut out two halves of a flower shape. You can also cut out and glue a few extra petals on top of the flower shape to add a layering effect.

2. Glue one of the flower halves onto the top portion of your clothespin. Take the second flower piece and glue it to the bottom portion. Make sure that the two halves line up together when the clothespin is closed.

3. Cut out a couple of leaves and glue them to the back side of the flower. We made our leaves out of green vellum paper, but you can easily use construction paper for this step as well!

4. Insert your placeholder into the clothespin and then you’re done!

We love how a table looks with an array of pretty plates, a bouquet of flowers, and place card holder at each seat. Not a fan of seating arrangements? You can arrange the place cards on a separate table and allow your guests to claim their seats right before hors d'oeuvres and drinks are served!  We love adding gracious details to our party spread to make guests feel right at home. 


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