Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hi, everyone! Ashley, from The Feather Junkie, here. We had the pleasure of meeting the Ruche babes at Texas Style Council, and when they asked us to share a DIY project, we instantly knew that a vintage inspired feather hair piece would be perfect for y’all!

Feathers (Choose any you like!)
Super glue
Felt (We used the kind with a sticky back.)
A bead

1. Cut felt into 2 circle pieces. Apply first circle to top of hair clip. Sticky side down.

2. Open clip and apply the second felt circle. Sticky sides together.

3. Apply super glue to top of clip.

4. Start applying the feathers to the felt. Glue each feather in place as you go. Note: This is the fun part! You can apply as many or as few as you want and arrange them to your style.

5. Finally, apply the bead to the top of everything. We decided to put ours over top part of the hair clip still showing. Depending on what kind of hair clip you choose, you can also glue this on top of the feathers.

6. Rock it!In the past, we've made a few elaborate custom hair pieces so we simplified things and came up with a fun DIY that you can even tweak and make your own style shine through. Skies the limit with your imagination.

--Ashley of The Feather Junkie