Friday, December 20, 2013

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens... the last being one of our favorite things! Dress up your tree this holiday season with our favorite DIY felt mittens ornament. These cozy little mittens will warm your heart and feed your craft cravings. 

Tacky Glue

1. Use a template (or draw your own design) to trace and cut out four felt mitten shapes. The pieces will be used to make up the front and back sides of a single pair of mittens.

2. Next you’ll need to make a few flowers. To create a flower, cut out a piece of felt in a spiral pattern.

3. Begin wrapping the felt around the center to form a flower shape. Glue the end of the felt piece in order to secure it. Continue making flowers until you’re happy with the number that you have for each mitten!

4. To attach the flowers, dab a few drops of glue onto the back of each flower and arrange them on the mittens as you like. Allow time to dry.

5. For an added embellishment, use a needle and thread to stitch a leaf design into the felt.

6. Next you’ll need to start stitching together the front and back piece of each mitten using a needle and thread. If you’d like to add some extra dimension to the mittens, stuff them with leftover felt scraps or stuffing as you’re stitching. Continue until you’ve gone all the way around each mitten. Tie the thread into a knot to secure.

7. Sew (or glue) the ends of a piece of ribbon onto each mitten to join them together and then you’re done!

This adorable ornament will bring a sweet DIY touch to your holiday decor. It's simple enough to make and still looks store bought. Shhh, it'll be our little secret! For more of our favorites look into our DIY guide, A Homemade Holiday.


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