Tuesday, December 10, 2013

So you've picked out the perfect evergreen to grace the living room, you've added the marshmallows to the hot chocolate, and now it's just time to decorate! This year, add a little DIY love to your holiday and craft your very own ornaments. This felt ornament fox is quick, easy, and an adorably sly addition to your Christmas tree decor! What makes any DIY ornament special is that no two tries will be exactly alike, giving that sweet homemade touch that department store ornaments just don't have. 

Tacky glue

1. First cut out a head, tail, and body for your fox. In order to add stuffing to the inside of the ornament, you’ll need to cut out two pieces of felt for the body (a front and back panel).

2. Give the fox some features by cutting and gluing a few additional details (for example: eyes, nose, ears, white fur around the face and tip of tail).

3. Begin stitching the two “body” pieces of felt together. Make sure to position the tail in between the two panels so that it’s stitched into the body. At this point you can also add stuffing to the inside.

4. Attach the head to the body with tacky glue and allow time to dry.

5. Give your fox ornament a fun accessory by cutting out a small scarf to wrap around its body.

6. Tie a loop of thread at the top of the ornament in order to hang it, and then you’re done!

What does the fox say ... make me, make me! So pick up the supplies and turn the dining room table into your craft room for the afternoon.  Our holiday ornament series is the perfect way to satisfy any holiday DIY urge. After crafting some felt foxes, take a peek at our DIY guide, A Homemade Holiday, for other great holiday ideas for a most merry season.


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