Sunday, November 30, 2014

Our friend Jordyn of the Pretty Lovely Blog is not only a darling Ruchette, but she is also a talented florist! We're sharing her DIY for a fun and festive holiday centerpiece. If you're looking to spruce up your table, mantel, or favorite nook, this centerpiece is the perfect way to add seasonal blossoms to your holiday decor. Make your own now with a little help from Jordyn herself! 


Floral Wire
Waterproof floral tap
Wire cutters
Floral clippers
Your choice of flowers (Jordyn used Eucalyptus, Rose hips, Hypericum, yellow and purple Mums, and Sunflowers)


Begin by washing out your vase and clippers and prep your florals by removing all of the leaves. This will make the arranging go a lot faster. Ball up a portion of the wire and place it in your vase. Secure it in place with the tape. Start with your chosen foliage to make a base. Cut the stems to size and remove all of the leaves that would be in the water. Keep on adding the foliage until you have a good base. 


Next I go in with my textural elements like the rose hips and hypericum. You can place those wherever you want. I usually like to have some berries hanging over the edge in front and high off to the side. But really, put them anywhere you want. 


Then I pick out my showiest flower and place that right in front but not center, just off to the side.  Then start putting in my smaller flowers around it. I like to group the same flowers in three's so that they show up more and make more of a statement. 


When you have those key pieces in place, fill in with the rest of your flowers and add more rose hips and hypericum. The best part? You can take this smaller centerpiece and incorporate it into a larger, more showy centerpiece in a pinch! 


Jordyn also recommends making sure your centerpiece is an appropriate height for your table - you don't want to block your guests' view! Lastly, don't worry about making a mistake, it's ok to start over and make sure you take a step back every few minutes to see if your arrangement is lovely from every angle and perspective. The final step? Place on your table and enjoy!