Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Even the coziest of homes look even more comforting when decorated with holiday adornments! Trimming the tree wrapped in a favorite sweater or scarf is something we look forward to all year long. When it comes to the holidays, we adore the sentimentality that comes with receiving a homemade gift or the satisfaction of creating your own holiday decor, so we just had to create our own mason jar DIY that is both easy to make and looks charming on any stocking-covered mantle or decorated side table. Photo 11_title


Mason Jar
A sheet of black paper
Santa Snow Spray
Tea Light Candle
Double tape or regular tape
Stationary supplies: pencil, ruler, and scissors or craft knife


Step 1: Sketch an outline of a town. We drew outlines of houses, complete with windows and chimneys, and trees of varying sizes. We left the windows larger so we could cut them out later to add more depth to our town when placed against candlelight. holida-mason-jar

Step 2: Using a black sheet of construction paper, measure the circumference of your jar and determine how high you want your town to extend. Your township should cover at least half of the height of the jar.mason-jar

Step 3: Using a pencil, trace your town onto the black construction paper. The trees and houses do not have to be the same height. It is visually compelling if some buildings are higher than others. Cut out your sketch with scissors. diy-mason-jar

Step 4: Spray 1 inch to 1 ½ inch of the jar with Santa Snow Spray. To create a light misty appearance of snow, spray the jar from a distance.  Put your jar aside to dry for 1 hour.holiday-crafts

Step 6: Apply tape on your township and on the small trees and buildings before wrapping your jar with it to ensure that it properly stays put. Then tape the end of your town. cute-mason-jar

Step 7: Place a candle inside your mason jar and light it up for the holidays!  winter-wedding-ideasThere's always room for error - your town country does not have to be perfectly cut out! Once you are finished, place your candle jar around the house and light it up to show the silhouette of a Christmas town country! For more decor inspiration click here, and see more DIY projects here


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