Friday, May 30, 2014

One of the things we love most about spring and summer is the abundance of foliage. Decorating our homes with fresh blossoms from a farmers market or our favorite local flower shop brightens up our space, and is also a fun way to add color and discover what type of bloom you like best! Not only are your bouquets fun to display, but we've crafted a simple and fun DIY for transforming a plain terracotta pot into a colorful way to show off your flowers and enhance your indoor space or patio! 

Acrylic paint
Gold spray paint
Blue painter's tape

1. Paint the entire surface of the pot in the color of your choosing. Allow time to dry.

2. Once the paint has dried, use painter's tape to cover up the areas that you do not wish to paint with gold spray paint.

3. Spray paint the exposed areas and allow time to dry.

4. Carefully peel off all of the painter's tape and then you're all done!

We love this DIY for a collection of outdoor blossoms, or even an indoor plant that resides by a windowsill. This colorful project is certainly one of our favorites! 


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