DIY Tote Bag: Apple Stamp

We appreciate the ability to add creative flare and personality wherever possible. Inspired by our canvas tote bag, we have created a simple DIY project to help you flaunt your artsy side too! Its time to spice up that plain canvas tote bag we know you have lying around and turn it into a work of art. Don't worry, there are only a few easy  steps required to create you very own stamped tote bag that is sure to be the apple of your eye!

Tote bag

1. Make an apple stamp by slicing an apple in half.

2. Apply a thick layer of paint onto the apple.

3. Press the apple onto the fabric. Once you remove the apple, you may need to use a paintbrush to touch up a few spots.

4. Continue adding more apple stamps until your tote bag is complete!

Now that your painted masterpiece has dried completely, its time to put your artwork to good use! Utilize your new apple stamp tote bag by filling with fresh farmers market finds or carry it off to class with your pencils and notebooks. Wherever you go, your cute new tote bag is sure to attract attention!

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