Tuesday, December 10, 2013

From doilies to wedding gowns, lace adds a timeless and dainty element to whatever material it graces. With our latest obsession with tote bags, we decided to indulge the every day lace lover with this fast and fun tutorial. Without further adieu Ruchettes, here's our quick and easy DIY to doll up a drab tote!

Tote bag
Lace fabric
Glue gun

1. Trace and cut out a few circles out of lace. The size and number is up to you!

2. Arrange the lace cut outs onto the tote bag and begin gluing them down with a glue gun. Note: You only need to add glue to the edges of the circles to secure them to the tote bag.

3. Continue gluing down the lace cut outs until your design is complete!

We hope you had as much fun as we did while creating this darling tote! Your lace polka dot tote bag can be used time and again and is a creative alternative to gift wrap for the craft maven in your life! Enjoy!

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