Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day, Ruchettes! In the spirit of the holiday, we thought we’d share a few eco-friendly DIYs with you. We know there are plenty of wine bottle repurposing DIYs out there, but we love the following ideas as they don’t involve cutting glass or any other advanced techniques. The hardest part may just be removing the label -- soak the bottle in hot water and use the rough side of a sponge to scrub it away if the sticker is stubborn. If you’ve been looking for new ways to give your empty wine bottles or other glass bottles a quick and useful makeover, try one of these simple DIY ideas.

1. Candle Holder: Wine bottle candle holders lend a romantic, vintage-inspired effect to any room or table display. To make your own, purchase taper candles, break them off at the desired height, and glue them securely to the opening of the bottle. Once you light the candles, the wax will melt down the sides of bottle, creating an antique feel that will stay with the candle even once you blow out the flame. They can get a bit messy though, so be careful about leaving them lit for too long or on a surface that can't be easily cleaned!

2. Water Carafe: We've noticed that many restaurants will leave a carafe of water on the table once the initial round of water has been served, making refilling your glass extremely convenient. Mimicking this concept is great for home entertaining, as it adds a cute touch to the table while simplifying life in the process. And the best part is, once you've removed the label and washed out the bottle, your new carafe is ready to go!

3. Flower Vase: A gal can always use extra vases in the springtime! Create a chic and simple look by filling your wine bottle with water and sliding a single blossom or sprig of tiny buds into the opening. This pretty vase makes an effortless centerpiece and adds minimalistic accent to any room in the house.

4. Infused Olive Oil Holder: Use your old wine bottle to store infused oil or homemade salad dressing -- it's always nice to keep extra balsamic on hand! After whipping up your dressing of choice, use a funnel to transfer it to the wine bottle. Then seal it with the original cork or purchase a new stopper to keep it air tight. Why not begin your homemade oil and dressing collection with this yummy recipe for roasted garlic oil?

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We hope these DIY options will help you make the most of those empty wine bottles! What's your favorite way to repurpose glass bottles? We'd love to hear your ideas!


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